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“Game of Thrones” Author George R.R. Martin Offers New Prequel Series Info

HBO‘s righteously popular global phenomenon Game of Thrones shuffled off the cable giant’s programming coil with finale “The Iron Throne,” which left fans with enough to debate and discuss until one of the show’s prequel series makes it to air. With The Long Night currently filming its pilot in Northern Ireland (reportedly until working title […]

game of thrones

“Game of Thrones”: Logo for “Bloodmoon” Prequel Series Reportedly Revealed

HBO‘s righteously popular global phenomenon Game of Thrones shuffled off the cable giant’s programming coil with a finale that – hmmm, what the best way to put this ? Let’s just say that series finale “The Iron Throne” left fans with enough to debate and discuss until one of the show’s prequel series makes it […]

The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019: The Complete List

Welcome to The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019, a look inside our “crystal ball” as we predict the individuals, shows, and events that could have a major influence on you this year. Our twenty-five choices were based on a year’s worth of Bleeding Cool television coverage, third-party coverage, analytics, and raw gut instinct. We started with more than […]

The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019 Countdown: #25-#21

Andy Kaufman scared the living hell out of me when I was ten – and I’ve been thankful for it ever since. When I was growing up, there were four gospels to Friday nights. Bedtime set at 8 p.m. No debate. No discussion. Dad would pass out in his recliner after working shifts at the […]

A Look Back at 1987’s Nightflyers and the Hilarity of That OTHER Adaptation

1987 was a great year for genre film-making: Robocop…Spaceballs…Arnold Schwarzenegger punching in our faces with both Predator and The Running Man. Unfortunately, not everything hitting cinemas that year was gold, with quite a few notable stinkers making viewers want to claw their eyes out in terror. Dolph Lundgren stumbled woodenly through Masters of the Universe; Superman […]

Report: Filming Begins in October for Game of Thrones Prequel Series

October seems rather far away, until you learn the Game of Thrones prequel series is reportedly going to start filming then. It’s so soon! According to the Belfast Telegraph, filming on the series will begin in Belfast (the home of Game of Thrones production for many years) starting in October. Filming on the Game of Thrones prequel will start […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Finale Director Talks Dragonpit, Stark Sisters

So now that the dust has settled, or let’s make that ice crystals after *** *** was completely destroyed by the ****** *******, who’s now being controlled by *** ***** ****. And can you believe that *** **** and ********* are actually ****/******? I know, right? Okay, clearly I left my “spoiler filter” on for […]

Game Of Thrones’ Liam Cunningham On How The 2016 Election Affected The Show

Not many shows can claim bragging rights to a body count longer than the Manhattan phone book, but HBO‘s fantasy-drama series Game of Thrones would be that rare exception. From the moment Ned Stark (Sean Bean) found his head so rudely divorced from the rest of his body in the first season, George R.R. Martin‘s […]

Finally, Something Official On Game Of Thrones Season 7, Starting With A Teaser Poster

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ve seen the hints in the air on this — or shadows of hints, anyway. For example, just yesterday actor Jim Broadbent let slip that he’s playing an “old professor” character in season 7.  It’s not much, but finally, here’s something official. HBO has just released this teasiest of teaser […]

Game Of Thrones Tidbit With Possible Spoilers

An actor from Game of Thrones who appears to be dead told a reporter in an interview that perhaps we’ve not seen the last of their character. The fact that Game of Thrones has a body count as if it was being written by Hannibal Lecter means that statement is far from spoilery… But the […]

‘Maybe Stan Lee Is My Biggest Literary Influence’ – George RR Martin

Holding a talk at the Edinburgh Festival, now available to watch courtesy of the BBC iPlayer, George R.R. Martin has been talking about his books, and his love of character. During which, he talked about his first literary love, comics, and how his first published work was in Fantastic Four #20, a letter of praise […]

Complete Exclusives, Panels, And Signings For Avatar Press At San Diego Comic Con

Avatar Press are making their presence felt at San Diego Comic Con in a big way, so get ready to choose your favorite creators and works for plenty of signings, exclusives, and panels. Avatar Press’s exclusives include: God is Dead #16 “Minotaur” Extinction Parade: War #1 “Face Off” Crossed: Badlands #50 “Speed Kills” Caliban #1: […]