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Separated at Birth: Cosmic Ghost Rider and The Mandalorian

Separated at Birth: Cosmic Ghost Rider and The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a hit new television show available EX-X-XCLUSIVELY on the Disney+ streaming service… or at least, so we’ve heard. We refuse to purchase Disney+ ourselves until Disney makes the original Muppet Babies cartoon available for streaming. Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a stand. Cosmic Ghost Rider is a hit Marvel Comics character […]

Marvel Reveals Full Lineup of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel is turning 80-years-old next year, and to celebrate, they’re relaunching Guardians of the Galaxy for the 80th time in a new series with approximately 80 new characters. The publisher was teasing team members all week with blacked-out image, revealing a few at a time, but in conjunction with comicbook-themed comic book website, they’ve […]

God Country to Be a Movie as Donny Cates Ascends to Global Superstar Status

If you thought hot shot comic book writer Donny Cates was confident before, wait until you see him after he’s scored a big-time Hollywood movie deal! Even worse, wait until you see Rich Johnston step up his game of writing Cates gooey love letters disguised as Bleeding Cool articles! That’s right, Donny Cates is about to transcend […]

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Skybound Brings Die!Die!Die! Figures, Walking Dead, and More to SDCC

Skybond always has tons of great exclusives for collectors at SDCC, and this year will be no different. After today’s surprise comic release, Die!Die!Die! also has surprise action figures coming. Redneck and Walking Dead get exclusive variant covers, Superfight gets a new deck, new Con Red Flags, and more. Let’s dive in! That’s right–not only […]

Thanos Annual #1 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos Annual #1 Review: Reading Nietzsche While Watching Caddyshack

Thanos Annual #1 presents us with a series of stories of the Mad Titan delivered by the Cosmic Ghost Rider in the afterlife. The first gives an anecdote of Thanos training Gamora to be a warrior. The second is an interesting hobby of the tyrant. The third is a show of artistic flair from the […]

Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series’

We’re going to start this installment with a bit of housekeeping for those who, for whatever reason, follow my exploits here on Bleeding Cool. For those not interested, which is completely understandable, you can just start at the list below. I’ve been working on getting into a schedule–practically since I started on here about 10 […]

Thanos #18 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos #18 Review: All For Our Lady Death

Death has arrived at last, now, at the end of everything. Thanos and King Thanos have slain the Fallen One, the Silver Surfer wielding Mjolnir. The Cosmic Rider is dead, and so is the Hulk. The Annihilation Wave has been extinguished, and the only matter left is for the Thanos of our time to kill […]

Thanos #17 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos #17 Review: A Legendary Battle Between Gods

This is the final battle between King Thanos and the Fallen One, the Silver Surfer now wielding the mighty Mjolnir. At his side, King Thanos has his younger self and the Cosmic Rider. This battle will shake the heavens and decide the final living sentient creature in all the universe. And an epic battle it […]

Donny Cates Confirms the End of Thanos for April’s Thanos #18… For Now

When Marvel published their May solicitations back in February, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston noted, “Well, no Thanos which is a surprise.” In a followup, he wondered: But Thanos? Thanos has become a smash hit for Marvel with Infinity War heading to the cinema. It feels like this has to be a skip month. However […]

Thanos #16 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos #16 Review: A Brilliant Display from Both Cates and Thanos

The origins of the Rider, Thanos’s companion and former Punisher, are shown. From the fall of Earth’s heroes, to a plea from Galactus, and ending with another encounter with Thanos, we learn how Frank Castle became what he is now. After this, the Fallen One, the Silver Surfer, arrives to face King Thanos, his younger […]

Thanos #14 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos #14 Review: Thanos Meets King Thanos

Thanos stands face-to-face with his future self, a King Thanos who has conquered and wiped out all live in the universe (with the exception of the Spirit of Vengeance). We are shown how he did it, his immortality allowing him to overpower the aging heroes of Earth. Thanos is unimpressed with his aged future self, […]

Thanos #13 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Marvel Legacy Thanos #13 Review: Thanos Gets His Groove Back

Thanos has landed upon Chitauri Prime, seeking a new victory and new subjects after a series of disappointments. He wins with ease, and the Chitauri now kneel to him and him alone. However, there is fire in the sky, and it’s burning the Chitauri warships which now serve Thanos. Who is this fire, and why […]

New Marvel Hire Donny Cates Says Writing Thanos Comic Gave Him Nightmares

Donny Cates signed a Marvel EXCLUSIVE contract exactly one month ago. And we learned he’d be taking over Thanos from Jeff Lemire just two days later. Today, Cates revealed that he already suffers nightmares from his job. We already know most of the titles Marvel is publishing in November, but that hasn’t stopped Marvel from […]