general leia organa

General Leia Hot Toys 3

General Leia Organa from The Last Jedi Makes for One Great Hot Toy

General Leia Organa is getting her own Hot Toys release. As portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher, this release will ship in 2018. As with all Hot Toys releases, General Leia will come with many accessories and screen-accurate clothing. Once again on the run from dark forces determined to crush freedom in the galaxy, the […]

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Figures 33

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Adventure Figures Are Amazing, And Kid Approved!

Forces of Destiny is one of the bigger Star Wars initiatives Lucasfilm has attempted since they were acquired by Disney in 2012. Well, besides relaunching the Live-actin films and doing away with the EU. Arguably though, this is the most important. Through a series of online short cartoons (which will air on the Disney Channel […]