General Grievous

Star Wars Black Series General Grievous Figure Collage

Star Wars Black Series General Grievous Figure Up For Order Now

One of the longest requested figures in the Star Wars Black Series line is coming soon. General Grievous is finally on the way, and he is looking pretty great. The figure will come with a cloak, four lightsabers, and a blaster. The inside of his cloak will have pouches for the hilts he collects from […]

General Grievous is Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

A little bit of fun news for fans of the Star Wars prequels as Electronic Arts announced General Grievous is headed to Star Wars Battlefront II. We have a little bit of the announcement below as to how he will play in the game, but to be honest, this feels like an addition that should have […]

Cosplay Interview With GothamScarecrow

By Andrea “Yunie” McFall Joining with Cosplay Blog with a Brain, this is our next cosplayer interview, featuring GothamScarecrow! He’s a creative cosplayer from Virginia, who encourages less elitism in the community! [GothamScarecrow as Scarecrow from Batman] Andrea McFall: What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it? GothamScarecrow: GothamScarecrow, as one of my […]