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Comic Book Folk React To… Waking Up to an Elected Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

That was the General Election that was. Boris Johnson has been returned as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Conservative government has their biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher. For those on the left looking for a crumb of comfort it is that, with such a majority, Johnson won’t need to pander to […]

British General Election Gets a Batman/Joker Video Asking if Batman Is The Bad Guy?

Momentum is a British political organisation, founded in 2015 as a grassroots movement supportive of current Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party he leads. Since January 2017, all Momentum members must also be or become members of the Labour Party and the organisation has 40,000 members in 2019. And with the […]

Welcome To Weird Britain – What The UK General Election Might Mean

So how did we get here? David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom promised the country a referendum on membership of the European Union, in order to placate Conservative Party voters who were switching to UKIP, whose one main policy was to leave the EU. Cameron supported Remain. Remain lost. Leave won. In the […]

People React To… The British General Election Results

So, the Conservatives have won the UK election, scraping a full majority of elected MPs in the House of Commons. Labour’s vote collapsed in Scotland, the Liberal Democrat vote collapsed everywhere, the SNP decidupled their seats in Parliament, and while UKIP made an impact on the vote, they never got enough concentrated in enough spots […]

People Wake Up To… The British General Election

In Britain, the General Election is underway. Everyone gets to vote on for a local Member of Parliament, and then whichever party can form a majority of MPs gets to form the government. Except with the latest polls giving Labour and Conservative parties 34.1% each and the vote not concentrated enough thanks to the efforts […]