Gendercrunching DC Comics 1996-2011 by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley writes for Bleeding Cool; It was a ridiculously busy but not particularly great month for either publisher, with their massive stacks of books not resulting in many female creators at all. DC slid down, while Marvel rose only slightly and remains firmly below their previous high. DC COMICS Hey, we’ve got a format […]

Gendercrunching – DC & Marvel, April 2011 by Tim Hanley

After leading Marvel for three months, DC Comics took a tumble and the Big Two ended up tied for April. Marvel saw a modest bump, which is lovely, but both publishers are in the single digits for the first time this year. DC COMICS DC had a rollercoaster of a month, reaching impressive highs and […]

Gendercrunching DC And Marvel – March 2011

Tim Hanley writes for Bleeding Cool; When the overall percentage of female creators at Marvel and DC hovers around ten percent, it feels very odd to say positive things about the numbers put up by the Big Two. Nonetheless, March was a good month, relatively speaking, with both publishers posting their best numbers of the […]