Gender In Comics

Gendercrunching October 2014 – With Image, IDW, And Dark Horse

By Tim Hanley Both DC and Marvel increased their overall percentage of female creators in October, with Marvel hitting the higher number yet again, but their totals remain poor in comparison to their past highs. We also pop by Image, IDW, and Dark Horse to see how they stack up against the Big Two. DC […]

Gendercrunching November 2013 – DC Drops And Image Expo Raises Questions

By Tim Hanley DC may have snapped Marvel’s 16-month streak for the highest overall percentage of female creators in October, but things returned to normal this month. Both publishers were down noticeably, but Marvel regained the top spot. We also take a look at Image comics in light of the recent discussions about diversity at […]

The SDCC Gender In Comics Panel – Interesting Insights And Missed Opportunities

Eric Rezsnyak writes for Bleeding Cool: The “Gender in Comics” panel that took place Thursday at Comic-Con International stirred up controversy a week before it even took place. Marvel Comics editor Steve Wacker sent out a (predictably snarky) tweet on July 13: “Hey! The Gender in Comics panel has no men on it!! I shall […]