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The Soundtrack To "Borderlands 3" Is Coming To Vinyl

The Soundtrack To “Borderlands 3” Is Coming To Vinyl

2K Games and Gearbox Software have partnered up with Laced Records again to release Borderlands 3‘s original soundtrack onto vinyl. There are two versions of it that you can pre-order now. The first is a 17-track double LP package with two audiophiles’ heavyweight 180g discs, one red and one white, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. […]

Rosk Of Rain 2

“Risk Of Rain 2” Has Dropped A New Content Update This Week

Gearbox Publishing dropped a new content update into Risk Of Rain 2 this week, giving players The Loader as well as other updates. While the game still remains in Early Access, it does show the devs are looking to do more with it while under that banner. Here are some of the changes with the […]

“Borderlands 3”: Works Where It Counts, But Doesn’t Add Much Else

There’s a tempering of expectation of sorts when it comes to Gearbox and 2K Games’ Borderlands franchise that you know what you’re getting from the start and for many, that’s enough, but let’s not pretend this title will ever reinvent the wheel when it comes to first-person shooters. The humor of the game is sort […]

2K Games Let Us Play "Borderlands 3" For A Bit At E3 2019

“Borderlands 3” Protagonist’s Gender Identity Puts Fandom In A Tizzy

Borderlands 3‘s online community is up in arms after the series’ official forum announced that users who misgender the game’s robot protagonist, FL4k will be banned. According to the website’s moderation team, FL4K is non-binary, meaning they use they/them pronouns. The banning announcement initially caused confusion to Borderlands 3 community. Some commenters found the punishment […]

"Borderlands 3" Gives Zane A Proper Character Trailer

“Borderlands 3” Gives Zane A Proper Character Trailer

As we make our way to the release of Borderlands 3, we’re now getting a look at some of the characters in the game, starting with Zane. The developers released a little info on the character this week, including three different ways to play as Zane. Your options being a Double Agent, a Hitman, or […]

Gearbox Software Reveals Penn & Teller VR Game Details

Gearbox Software Reveals Penn & Teller VR Game Details

Gearbox Software has officially announced the details of their Penn & Teller VR game coming to the Oculus in just a couple of weeks. The game’s full name is Penn & Teller VR: Frankly Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary & Underhanded. Also known as Penn & Teller VR: F U, U, U, & U. The game will […]

Borderlands 3 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

“Borderlands 3” Creative Director Tells All at E3’s PC Gaming Show

Borderlands 3 may have gotten a spiffy new E3 trailer yesterday at the Xbox Game Showcase, but the real news came during the PC Gaming Show. Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3 Creative Director, Paul Sage, hit the stage to chat with PC Gaming about the upcoming loot shooter. Sage was “most excited” to talk about the game’s latest […]

“Borderlands 3” Gameplay Hits During the Xbox E3 Show

Vault hunters, a new trailer for Borderlands 3 was dropped during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 showcase. The trailer was everything we’d expect of the game, with a ton of loot-shooting mayhem, and some voice over action by Lilith. However, 2K and Gearbox also announced the Borderlands 2 DLC that will set the stage for BL3. The DLC has leaked […]

The Worst Thing About Borderlands 3 is Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford

While its often easy to separate game devs from their work by virtue of games being major collaborative efforts, there are some developers whose names are nearly synonymous with their games. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford is not one of those developers. However, every time I think of Borderlands 3, all my brain brings up is the […]

Former Claptrap Voice Actor David Eddings Claims Gearbox CEO “Rage Fired” Him

In a new interview with Newsweek, former Borderlands voice actor David Eddings, who was the voice behind the series’ mascot Claptrap, discussed his complicated relationship with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford. Eddings recently revealed that he would not be returning to Borderlands 3, which sparked comments from Pitchford, alleging that Eddings was “bitter and disgruntled.” Eddings hit back at Pitchford, citing […]

Borderlands Voice Actor Not Returning Due To Pay Issues

Original Claptrap Voice Actor Responds to Gearbox CEO’s Comments

The original voice actor for Borderlands‘ Claptrap, David Eddings, is not returning for the highly-anticipated sequel. According to Eddings, that has to do with how much he was going to be paid, or rather, how little. Yesterday, Borderlands dev studio Gearbox Software’s CEO Randy Pitchford responded to Eddings’ commentary, saying the voice actor was “bitter and disgruntled” […]

Borderlands 3 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Gearbox’s CEO Comments On Voice Actor Not Being in Borderlands 3

Over the weekend we reported how voice actor David Eddings would not be in Borderlands 3 as Claptrap. Today, that story got an unexpected P.S. The shorthand version of the story is that Eddings told a fan he wouldn’t be back due to a pay dispute and fired shots at the company for what he […]

Borderlands Voice Actor Not Returning Due To Pay Issues

Borderlands Voice Actor Not Returning Due To Pay Issues

With all the news of Borderlands 3 on the way, some have been wondering if the original voice cast is returning. And sadly, there’s one who won’t for a very good reason. A fan hit up David Eddings, the voice of Claptrap, on Twitter this week to ask the basic question of if he was […]

Gearbox Developer Confirms Handsome Jack's Fate in Borderlands 3 Interview

Gearbox Developer Confirms Handsome Jack’s Fate in Borderlands 3 Interview

For those of you hoping that we might see Handsome Jack come around in Borderlands 3 to stir up some trouble, we now have confirmation on what’s become of him. Bloody Disgusting recently had an interview with the company’s Managing Producer of Narrative, Randy Varnell, talking about the game in general over a number of […]

Rosk Of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Surpasses One Million Units Sold While In Early Access

Hopoo Games and Gearbox Software released some pretty cool news this morning as Risk Of Rain 2 has surpassed one million units sold. The feat is just a little impressive seeing as how the game was released into Early Access on Steam just five weeks ago, and the full release of the game isn’t going […]

Watching the Borderlands 3 Twitch Reveal will Get You Loot

Gearbox Software is slated to reveal a whole lot of Borderlands 3 on Wedensday, May 1st, and ahead of that they’ve launched a new Twitch extension so those who watch the stream can pick up a whole lot of in-game loot. Granted, those items won’t be available until Borderlands 3 launches on September 13th, 2019 (assuming you […]

Rosk Of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Reveals Their Early Access Roadmap

Gearbox Software and Hopoo Games have revealed an Early Access roadmap for Risk of Rain 2, showing their plans for the game going into 2020. As you can see from the graphic below, the company is planning to expand content in the game over the next six months with an eventual release to take place […]

Rosk Of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 Hits 650k Players in First Week of Early Access

Gearbox Software has a lot to celebrate this week as Risk of Rain 2 managed to attract over 650,000 players within the first week on Steam’s Early Access. After being announced during PAX East and released into the system the same day, the sequel to the indie hit slowly but surely built a quick following […]

Gearbox Software Teases New Borderlands 3 Details and more at PAX East!

The crew from Gearbox Software came to the main stage at PAX East to talk about all things Borderlands, with some great news for fans of the original games and our modern gaming platforms! The biggest news, though, is in regards to Borderlands 3, which I’ll get to in a moment! Here’s the highlights from […]

Gearbox Releases New Teaser Trailer for Borderlands: Mask of Mayhem

Before Gearbox Software holds its own presentation at PAX East tomorrow, the company sent out a teaser trailer for Borderlands: Mask of Mayhem. The trailer doesn’t really say anything about what the game is or what the story might entail, it’s basically a bunch of images from the past to make you excited for what’s […]