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Comic book creator Gary Friedrich in 2008

Ghost Rider Creator Gary Friedrich Dead at 75

Gary Friedrich passed away yesterday, aged 75. Best known for comics such as Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos and The Monster of Frankenstein, he also created the motorcyclist from hell Ghost Rider, which spawned movie and TV shows, and the less-merchandisable Son of Satan for Marvel Comics. Joining Marvel Comics in the 1960s, he […]

Friedrich Vs Marvel Suit Over Ghost Rider Ownership Settled

The lawsuit originally filed by Gary Friedrich vs. Marvel Comics (And now Disney) has been settled according to Reuters. This has been quite the legal battle starting with Friedrich's claim of ownership of Ghost Rider and the initial outcome not only being in Marvel's favor but demanding the artist pay $17,000 for selling prints of the character at conventions. […]

Ghost Rider Ownership To Be Decided By A Jury In November

There we go folks. The trial over the ownership of Ghost Rider, between its creator Gary Friedrich and publisher Marvel Comics, will go to a jury trial on November 4th this year. Deadline reports that Marvel's lawyers will seek to have the case handled without a jury, however.  

Ghost Rider Decision Overturned – Gary Friedrich Vs Marvel Comics Could Go To Trial

The Hollywood Reporter has the latest on the legal situation between Ghost Rioder co-creator Gary Friedrich and publisher Marvel Comics over the ownership of the flame haired supernatural biker. When last we heard, the court had found against Friedrich, and even that he owed Marvel Comics thousand of dollars for use of the Ghost Rider […]

Gary Friedrich Launches Appeal Over Ghost Rider Ownership

Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Ghost Rider, has filed his appeal against Marvel Comics after their court win over the ownership of the character. The case concluded with an agreement that Gary Friedrich would have to pay Marvel $17,000 because he sold signed Ghost Rider work and represented himself as the creator of the character. The […]

Thursday Runaround – Flaming Skulls On A Shirt

FriedrichWatch: As Rick Vietch says; This skull-tastic  T-Shirt is a fundraiser for Mike Friedrich,  the original creator of Ghost Rider.  He's battling Marvel over what he believes are his rights and in trouble financially (full story here).  Aided and inspired by Ben and Tracy over at World of Strange, myself, Billy Tackett, Stephen Bissette, Bob Burden, Nathan Thomas […]

Sean Gordon Murphy On The ABC Of Dealing With Marvel's Lawyers

Sean Gordon Murphy is one of the creators who, as a result of the Gary Friedrich situation, and even after Marvel's response, has chosen to stop sketching Marvel characters at conventions. But he is also someone who has also found himself the subject of Marvel's concerns. He writes on his deviantArt page, providing lots of […]

Thursday Runaround: Ghost Riding

Co-opWatch: DC Comics is extending its co-op advertising programme so that any store using imagery from the upcoming Vertigo book Saucer Country in its advertising, will get 75% of their media costs back. ConWatch: Neal Adams and Carmine Infantino will be headlining at Florida Supercon from June 29th to July 2nd. StripWatch: Jef Burandt and […]

John Nee, Dan Slott, Rob Liefeld And Artists Alley

John Nee, who used to be a DC Comics Vice President after the Wildstorm buyout posted on Facebook, regarding the concern over the Gary Friedrich court decision. This saw the destitute co-creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich agree to pay $17,ooo to Marvel for the sale of signed Ghost Rider prints over several years. But […]

Jean-Marc Lofficier On The Consequences Of The Gary Friedrich Decision

Steve Bissette has requested that the post below, revised, should be spread near and far. Anything to oblige Steve. Readers may also want to check ALERT, ALL COMICS CREATORS [Reposting, for a necessary (requested) edit; reposting all comments, too, after this main post. Apologies.]: With permission, I'm quoting key points my dear friend and own […]

Monday Trending Topics: Neal Adams On Helping Gary Friedrich

From today's must-read post about Gary Friedrich, by Neal Adams:  "Gary is a victim of the deficiencies of two very bad copyright laws, and the history in the comic book industry of poor practices on everybody's part. There will be battles in the future, and good will come of them. But this is simply just […]

Neal Adams Addresses The Comics Industry

Neal Adams writes for Bleeding Cool, about Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich; Fellow creators, we can help Gary Friedrich without taking any kind of position in his case with Marvel. Gary is sick, and he's about to lose his house, and though he will tell you he is not destitute, he needs help. If I […]

On The Lone Ranger, Adam West and Gary Friedrich by Tony Panaccio

A number of comic creators are auctioning work to help Gary Friedrich and they are looking for more. Here's a Neal Adams Captain America currently on eBay. Tony Panaccio writes for Bleeding Cool; The Difference Between Legal Obligations and Moral Ones It would be so easy to characterize the recent court decision against Gary Friedrich […]

Helping Raise Money For Gary Friedrich

A number of people were both shocked and surprised at the latest twist in the Gary Friedrich/Ghost Rider lawsuit over the ownership and exploitation of Ghost Rider. That Marvel Comics are demanding $17,000 from Gary for selling signed prints of Ghost Rider, a character he co-created, and a credit Marvel are stating he can no […]