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What Is Star Wars: Rogue One?

Yesterday, during the D23 Expo celebration the first image of the cast of the first stand-alone Star Wars movie was release, Star Wars: Rogue One. So what is the film? Well, if you ever wondered exactly how the Rebels got the plans for the Death Star… this is the story. Kathleen Kennedy said: Rogue One’ […]

Godzilla 2 Script Is In Progress

During an interview with Collider about the upcoming series Minority Report, writer Max Borenstein gave a bit up an update on Godzilla 2. The screenwriter for the 2014 Godzilla film is already working on the sequel: No, I’m doing it. I’m writing it now, and it’s really going to be great. I don’t want to go […]

Human Or Otherwise – Monster: Dark Continent Trailer Hits The Web

The sequel to Garth Edward’s indie horror film Monsters had a trailer hit the internet. The monster-infected zones now have spread thoughout the world. When the U.S. military tries to wipe the creatures out from the face of the Earth it meets unanticipated resistance… Edwards also directed this years reboot of Godzilla. No US date has […]

Sequel To Monsters Gets Misfits Director, New Screenwriter

Vertigo Films have been planning some kind of spin-off from Monsters pretty much since that film landed a couple-few years back. At first we didn’t know if they were planning a sequel film, a TV series or possibly both because, as far as I could see, they hadn’t quite made their mind up either. Then, […]

New Teaser Trailer, Poster For Gareth Edwards’ Monsters

Monsters. It’s the new District 9, don’t you know – in that it mixes a quasi-realist storyline with lots of CG aliens. The English* premiere is taking place at Frightfest, and I’m most excited. The trailer comes from IGN, the poster above from Digital Spy. *UK premiere was at EIFF.