garret hedlund

Warner Bros’ Shortlist For Akira Leads Is (I’m Sorry) Another Shortlist Story

If you didn’t read them, then I wouldn’t write them, but here’s another story that, basically, lists a series of actors who have been sent scripts – or at least who have agents that have been sent scripts. This time out, the script in question is Steve Kloves‘ new attempt to adapt Katsuhiro Otomo‘s Akira. According […]

New TRON: Legacy Trailer Finally Skews Plotwards

The latest TRON: Legacy trailer is undoubtedly the best yet – I hope that doesn’t also mean it’s the most misrepresentative. For once, though, the score isn’t the most interesting thing in the promo. I think the redoubled focus on Kevin Flynn is doing them a world of good. Of course, there’s a load of […]

TRON: Legacy Diptych Versus Triptych

Here’s a couple of the newer posters for TRON: Legacy. Oh, so many TRON posters, so little time. I’m starting to doubt that there’s been even a single design proposed that wasn’t then used. They’re really going for the whole Flynn vs. Clu thing lately. Maybe they realise how much more appealing Jeff Bridges is […]