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Gangs Of London: The Raid's Gareth Evans Sets Series For Cinemax, Sky

Director Gareth Evans (The Raid) is set to tear apart the means streets of contemporary London with his latest project, gangland drama series Gangs of London (working title). Set to launch in 2019 on HBO's Cinemax and Sky Atlantic, Evans and Matt Flannery (Downton Abbey) are set to direct the series and will also handle scriptwriting, […]

Titan Comics To Publish Comics Based On Gareth Evans' The Raid

The Raid is the movie credited with killing Dredd at the US box office. By, basically, doing the same thing, weeks earlier. And now Titan Comics have licensed the film, and its director Gareth Evans, to make new comics based on the movie franchise. Look for them in… October? That would be my guess…   […]

The Raid Director Gareth Evans Unleashes Samurai Pre Vis Short Film

The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2 director Gareth Evans posted an interesting action scene test reel on YouTube: [youtube][/youtube] According to the production notes, the sequences was designed by Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman and Gareth Evans, and featuring Ruhian, Rahman and Hannah Al Raashid as sword-wielders in deadly conflict. It was shot in […]

Director And Studio Reportedly Drop The Raid: Redemption Remake

According to The Tracking Board (via Slashfilm), the Hollywood remake of The Raid: Redemption is in a bit of trouble. Specifically: director Patrick Hughes and studio Screen Gems (a Sony company) have exited the project. The original 2011 Indonesian film, in which a SWAT team makes its way through a fortified apartment block containing some […]

Now Is The Time To Buy The Raid On Blu-Ray

We're just a month and a bit away from the release of The Raid 2. That already makes it time to order The Raid and get that in your eyeholes, but it's also very, very cheap right now.

Gareth Evans Reveals Concept Art For 'Hammer Girl', New Character For The Raid Sequel

It's always a good sign when someone in the film industry begins a tweet with the words "Fuck it". [blackbirdpie url=""] This is Alicia AKA 'Hammer Girl', the first new character reveal for the second installment in Gareth Evans' martial arts action trilogy that began with this year's The Raid. The second film has been […]

Kapow! 2012 Day One – Abe Lincoln, Fast Girls, The Raid, Storage 24 And More

Comics editor Rich Johnston has posted his own account of Kapow! Comic Convention 2012, but since we somehow managed to avoid running into each other, the Bleeding Cool Film experience was hopefully different enough to be worth writing about. Among the first things that I saw was new footage from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, approximately […]

Remake And Sequel For Action Phenomenon The Raid – And In The Meantime, Its Trailer Again

We'll start with the trailer for Gareth Evans' The Raid becuase, if you didn't see it last time, you'll be wanting to see it now. [youtube][/youtube] Evans sometimes seems to be playing about with the camera quite enthusiastically there, canting it severely, or even shaking it during the heavy gunfire shots. Besides my light worry […]