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Bleeding Gen Con Day Three – Is Gaming ‘Graying’?

By Christopher Helton Day three of Gen Con was probably my busiest day at the convention. I talked with a lot of people and was able to meet some designers who’s work I have been a fan of for a while. For me, this is really the best part of going to a convention, whether […]

Bleeding Gen Con Day One – Tales Of Exhaustion And Games Gathered

By Christopher Helton Thursday was the first day of Gen Con, even though after travel time, it was only a half day for me. Despite jet lag, a lack of food and general exhaustedness I soldiered on and went head first into the first day of the convention. There were a lot of people here […]

The Five Must-Have Gen Con Games

By Christopher Helton Gen Con is all about the gaming. Each year people file into the exhibitor’s hall looking for the hot new game, or to fill those holes in their gaming collections. A lot of people don’t have gaming stores that are local enough to them, so Gen Con ends up becoming their local […]

Maximizing The First Exposure Playtest Hall At Gen Con 2014

By Christopher Helton Gen Con is coming in a week and a half. Over the last month a lot of things have been filtering through my email about the convention as everyone tries to grab their piece of the attention. One thing that I haven’t seen a lot of talk about is the First Exposure Playtest […]