Breaking Bad Cast Reunites for Portrait Gallery, Discuss Show's Influence

Hard to believe we've entered the "10/5" stage with AMC and Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad: ten years since the series that would change television debuted, and nearly five years since the final bullet casing hit the floor and Jesse (Aaron Paul) drove off to…somewhere. But Entertainment Weekly remembered, reuniting Gilligan and the cast for a […]

sdcc masquerade

Better Late Than Never: 110 Photos Of The SDCC Masquerade

One of the highlights of each San Diego Comic-Con is the annual Masquerade, the showcase of costumes and costumed performances that anchor Saturday night's programming. 2017 was no slouch for entries; the amazing realistic Ursula went viral the day after the contest when the wearer Joo Skellington posted this video to his facebook page: Needless to […]

Anime Expo Hits Los Angeles; Check Out This Gallery

The last weekend of June/first few days of July means one thing to Los Angeles anime aficionados, Anime Expo (AX). The convention is large, one of the largest for anime on the west coast, pulling in close to 110,000 attendees annually. You may have seen some of the hellish visions of the lines outside the […]

Cosplay, Scenes, and Observations From The Floor At Wizard World Sacramento

Wizard World's annual tour has again returned to Sacramento, where thousands of fans will be descending on the Sacramento Convention Center through Sunday evening. We headed out there today to take in some of the sights, a few panels, and to generally see how it all felt as the event is now entering it's fourth […]

Ready For Rogue One? Here's Some Of Our Favorite Star Wars Cosplay

We're down to it just being a number of hours before Rogue One opens and everyone is talking about it at the office, at school, on the commute, and basically everywhere. In celebration of it once again being Star Wars week, we wanted to pull together a selection of some of our favorite SW cosplay […]

Supernatural Floods – Phantasmacosm At The Flood Gallery In Greenwich, London

Londoners, get down to Greenwich Market to take a peek at Becky Cloonan's wares on display at The Flood Gallery, a rarity in England as a place that stocks concert-poster-as-art pieces which are traditionally more popular state-side and in Australia. Phantasmacosm runs until the 4th of December and prints and original art are available on […]

Chantella Viala, The Rob Granito Of Canada? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Viala has removed her website, Twitter ID and Facebook page. The original article follows below. This is Canadian artist Chantella Viala working on a painting. She is clearly a talented artist. But might she want to acknowledge the "inspiration" for some of her pieces? As she says, Everyday Chantella is currently working on new, unique pieces […]

J'Adore Le Alan Moore

The Cité du Livre of Aix-en-Provence in France is planning its major exhibition of comic book artwork for the year, their eleventh to date. And they have chosen Englishman Alan Moore, the first time they have celebrated a comics writer over an artist or writer/artist. Concentrating on prints and original artwork of his comics, including […]

Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese – A Pop Culture Hound Goes To Malta

Chris Thompson writes for Bleeding Cool; My love affair with Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese really took hold on my most recent trip to Italy. Although beloved by the French, Pratt was an Italian who spent his formative years in Venice. There are numerous locations from Corto Maltese spread throughout the city, along with guidebooks to […]

The Art Of The Avengers

One gallery, many top artists, all unofficial images of The Avengers. This is Assemble, a new show at Gallery 1988 on Melrose, Los Angeles, open until Sunday. Just in case any of Marvel's lawyers want to pop by. Or their talent search guys. Or rather, the Marvel Studios people who went along to opening night. […]