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Fuller House Creator Has Had Enough Of Being Told “No” By The Olsen Twins

The official television show of Bleeding Cool and Netflix’s most popular show ever with billions of viewers, Fuller House is widely considered the greatest achievement in the history of television. But the Olsen Twins, who broke into the industry as babies acting on Full House (the prequel to Fuller House), unexplainably want nothing to do […]

Rejoice, For The Trailer To Fuller House Season 3 Has Arrived

This is the most important entertainment news you’ll read all week. Netflix has released the trailer for the third season of Fuller House, the decades-later Full House spinoff that follows the story of DJ Tanner, whose husband was tragically killed in a firefighting accident, leaving her children fatherless. Hilarity ensues when sister Steph and best […]

New Kids On The Block, Mr. Woodchuck, & More Behind The Scenes At Fuller House

The cast of Fuller House is almost at the end of wrapping up filming for their second season, but what has come with that is an array of really exciting behind the scenes photos. Remember when Jodie Sweetin was talking about special appearances on set? Well, it looks like one of those special appearances is going to […]

“Have Mercy!” A Few More Behind The Scenes Photos From Fuller House Season 2

With the success of Fuller House at an all time high thanks to the Teen Choice Awards, we’re more ready than ever for the second season. As always, I’m happy to see the “legacy cast” popping up in behind the scenes photos. Could we be getting a sneak peak into Uncle Joey’s room? Those Tweety-Bird pjs are […]

“What Ya’ll Know About Bob Saget?” Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Full House Rap

The internet is buzzing with the release of Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Full House rap. Can you blame fans? It’s absolutely hilarious… The success of Fuller House has brought the original series Full House back into the spotlight. Though some of us never forgot to keep an eye on Uncle Jesse’s (John Stamos‘) Instagram, people are definitely paying more attention now. The cast is […]

“Holy Chalupas!” A Possible Premiere Date For Fuller House Season 2?

It’s been about four and a half months since the first season of Fuller House premiered on Netflix. I’m sure we all never imagined it taking off so well, or that the cast would be working overtime to bring us new content. So we’re all waiting for a Fuller House Season 2 premiere date, but do we already have […]

Back On The Couch: Filming For Fuller House Season 2 Has Begun

Bleeding Cool reported about Fuller House’s second season arriving on Netflix sooner than expected, so that means that it’s time for the cast to return to the set. For Scott Weinger (Steve) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie,) that means getting back on the couch! There is a certain comfort that comes with seeing that blue and white couch. […]

John Stamos Says Fuller House Is Returning Sooner Than Expected

With the success of Fuller House season one, it’s no surprise that Netflix is working hard to churn out a second season faster. After all, we have all binged the first season already…we need more. John Stamos explained that their writers are already ahead of the game: “out of the 13 I feel like there’s already like […]

New (Maybe Old) Love Is In The Air For Fuller House Season Two

We don’t have a premiere date for the second season of Fuller House yet, but I’m sure it will be around the same time in 2017 that it premiered this year. Netflix is usually pretty consistent with their series original premieres. However, some news has been circulating about love interests in the next season. Some new…some old… […]

Full House Fever: From Danny, Jesse, And Joey To D.J., Stephanie, And Kimmy

All of you Bleeding Coolers have been reading the results of my overdose on nostalgia lately, and it’s all been leading up to the premiere of Fuller House on Netflix tomorrow. Binge watching all eight seasons of Full House has been great, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve done it once before. A […]

Full House Fever: D.J.’s Love Life…From Mr. Fuller Back To Steve?

There are only two days left until the premiere of Fuller House so it’s time to start thinking about the plot. Obviously we already know that D.J. is a widow who has three sons. It’s pretty much Danny Tanner in reverse. During the Full House series, there was mention of Danny’s wife Pam a handful of times. It came […]

Full House Fever: Kimmy Gibbler Married A Fernando…

For the past two weeks the Fuller House Twitter account has been tweeting out “Family Tree” information for the classic characters in Full House and the new characters in Fuller House. It came as a surprise when I discovered this one… We know her, we love her, and it’s probably true that Kimmy Gibbler is by far one of the […]

Only Two More Weeks Until The Fuller House Premiere And That Means Set Photos

I can’t believe there’s only two weeks left until the premiere of Fuller House on Netflix. With that comes some fun photos from cast members John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, and Dave Coulier. The images below will surely bring a nostalgic feeling to your heart, especially the first one.   Is that new Comet? I suppose it’s tradition for the family to […]

An Exclusive Fuller House Trailer Released On The Ellen Show

Today was an exciting day for Full House fans, because the cast of Fuller House was on The Ellen Show. Yes, I’m one of those fans, and it was so exciting to see Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber being interviewed by my favorite talk show host Ellen Degeneres.  After watching the trailer, I was filled with nothing but positive feelings. Seeing the cast […]

Fuller House Fun: #CutItOut In Honor Of Uncle Joey

There are a lot of famous sayings that accompany Full House, but one of the more memorable quotes comes from Uncle Joey, played by Dave Coulier. I’m talking about “Cut it out!” Earlier today, Fuller House tweeted the message below: So, there you have it. Accept the challenge. Head over to Twitter and do your best #CutItOut. Now, we know we aren’t […]