Friday the 13th

It’s Morphin’ Time! Shout! Factory TV will partner with social video platform Twitch to host Power Morphicon LIVE, a livestream from the 6th bi-annual Power Rangers fan-run convention. Fans can experience the action and excitement beginning Sunday, August 19 at 10 a.m. PT on Shout! Factory’s official Twitch channel. Hosted by Brian Ward of Shout! Factory, Power Morphicon LIVE will offer fans of the iconic series an insider’s view of the event, featuring live interviews with cast and crew from the convention floor, streamed panels, special features and other highlights from Power Morphicon 2018. The morphenomenal livestream will broadcast live from the convention floor at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Launched with the original hit series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993, the Power Rangers franchise quickly catapulted itself as a pop culture mainstay. Following its introduction, Power Rangers became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States and remains one of the top-rated and longest running boys live-action series in television history. The series follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who “morph” into superheroes and save the world from evil. It is seen in more than 150 markets, translated into numerous languages and a favorite on many key international children’s programming blocks around the world. Following the live event, the stream of Power Morphicon 2018 will be available for VOD viewing on Shout! Factory TV.

Horror Icons Go to the Savage World from Funko in September

Savage World, a new line of figures coming soon from Funko, are done in the style of Mattel’s old Masters of the Universe figures. Standing at 5.5 inches tall and muscular bodies, they feature around six points of articulation and accessories. They released Mortal Kombat figures in this style already, and now we get something […]

Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees Documentary Poster

‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Documentary Teases Details with New Poster Art

Jason Goes to Hell, the ninth film in the Friday the 13th series starring everyone’s favorite slasher behemoth Jason Voorhees, is… well, it is not very good. As a fan of the series, I can admire what they tried to do with that film, while also saying that it is the worst in the series. […]

Funko Horror Collage

Funko Round-Up: More Cereal! Horror Pops! Black Widow!

Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week. It can be a lot to keep up with. So we are here to help. Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: more FunkO’s cereals, new horror Pops for your Halloween decorations, and a special Rock Candy to celebrate the […]

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game is Getting a Collector’s Edition

It appears Gun Media and IllFonic are saying goodbye to Friday the 13th: The Game in the best way possible with a Collector’s Edition. After basically being told that the company couldn’t create any new content for the game while the lawsuit over the rights continues and never seems to end, it looks like they both […]

friday the 13th: the series

Here’s Why Friday the 13th: The Series Deserves Your Respect

With today being Friday the 13th, it would be righteously obvious to do a post around the Friday the 13th film franchise — but this is television, people! However, original film director/producer Sean S. Cunningham‘s Crystal Lake Chronicles and the pilot pitched to The CW don’t appear to be coming back to life any time […]

Funko FunkO's Cereal Collage

Funko FunkO’s Cereal Coming This Summer!

Funko is bringing fun back to breakfast. Announced this morning, six new Funko FunkO’s brand cereals will be hitting select retailers this summer. Six themes will start off the line: their own brand with their mascot Freddy, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Lord of the Rings, Mega Man, and Cuphead. Each will […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Devs Confirm An End to Content

Sad news for fans of Friday The 13th: The Game, as Gun Media confirmed yesterday they can no longer make content for the game. Due to the ever-growing legal battle over the rights to the franchise and its name, the indie multiplayer survival horror game has now been caught in the tangled web and been told […]

friday the 13th the game

Friday the 13th: The Game Caught Up in Movie Copyright Lawsuit

The ongoing legal battle between Victor Miller and Friday the 13th has now spread far enough to affect Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game. Due to the legal issues surrounding the lawsuit and claims of ownership, all future updates for the game are being halted indefinitely. From Dread Central: As the official press release explains: “When we […]

NECA Friday the 13th Part 5 Jason 5

Friday The 13th Part 5 Gets an Ultimate Jason Figure From NECA

Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning is the latest Friday film to get the ultimate figure treatment form NECA. This nightmare version of Jason that Tommy sees in his dreams comes with four interchangeable heads, a machete, an axe, and ice pick, and a Jason Voorhees tombstone. Of the four heads, the coolest […]

Friday the 13th: The Game Players Accessed Jason X’s Skin Early… Again

Jason X is probably one of the biggest abominations to the entire Friday the 13th franchise. How can we make Jason even scarier for modern audiences? Hey, let’s shoot him into space and make him look like the Super Shredder. Because that’s what you did in early ’00s horror: be tacky. Back in February of this […]

Friday The 13th: The Game has Weapon Swapping at a High Level

Hey, kids! Do you enjoy level grinding in video games? I hope so, because that’s the only way to unlock a very special ability in Friday The 13th: The Game and the developers made it that way on purpose. You may recall a while back that Gun Media teased us with the idea of having […]

Castle of Horror: On Friday the 13th Part IV’s Anniversary, We Ask: Was Roger Ebert Right That Slasher Films Are Immoral?

On Friday, April 13, 1984, the world saw the release of a movie Roger Ebert called “an immoral and reprehensible piece of trash” — Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. That’s enough to get us interested in looking once more at this film, which features Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. Listen here: Listen on YouTube: […]

Friday the 13th

Leaving Friday The 13th: The Game Early Will Now Put You in the Salt Mines

Let it never be said that developers don’t have senses of humor, because a lot of games come up with creative punishments that tickle us. Case in point: the devs for Friday The 13th: The Game have just created a punishment zone for quitters called The Salt Mines. Starting on the next update, whenever you quit […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Adding More Mechanics to Make You Jason

Have you ever had an entire night of playing Friday The 13th: The Game where you’re just a camp counselor and it seems everyone else ends up being Jason the entire session? Turns out that’s more common than you think, and Gun Media has heard your complaints. On Thursday, one of Gun Media’s community leaders posted […]

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th: The Game Adding Color Variants for Jason

For the fashionably conscious players who don’t like running around Friday The 13th: The Game in just your standard pair of blue overalls and jumpsuits, the devs are going to give you some color options for at least one character. After hearing from fans that they don’t like the way the Jason 5 “Roy” variant was dressed, […]

Toy Fair New York: The Loyal Subjects Continue Their Blind Box Dominance

One of my absolute favorite obsessions are opening up The Loyal Subjects blind box figures. Not only do they have some of my favorite properties like Power Rangers, Thundercats, and of course Masters of the Universe, they are expanding into a few other licenses that I deeply care about this year. First, they are doing […]

Toy Fair New York: Kotobukiya Continues to Impress

Kotobukiya is always one of the better booths to visit at any convention or show. Toy Fair New York was no different, as they brought out their new Spider-Man large scale statues, all four of their Defenders ArtFX statues, a number of Star Wars statues and products, and more. DC Comics is always represented and […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Teases Jason Weapon Swapping

This week, Gun Media released a brand new trailer and some notes about an upcoming feature to be added to Friday The 13th: The Game, which will allow anyone playing as Jason to swap between weapons no matter what skin you are using. The purpose of which is to add more variety to the game and […]

Friday the 13th Shows off its New Single Player Challenges in Latest Video

Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game had a bit of a rough start, but the main criticism focused around the lack of single-player, offline play for those simply looking to hack-and-slash their way through awful teenagers. Gun Media later revealed that a single player mode was in the works as a free DLC, just later on in […]