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Mutant Lovers Protest March At The University Of Michigan

Recently we saw the Britain’s Better With Mutants campaign in X-Men Legacy, and how it contrasted with the mutant hate in the America-set mutant books from Marvel. Today’s Uncanny X-Men puts that straight, with a cosplay pro-mutant march at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, with Frazer Irving giving us trees that look like […]

Frazer Irving’s Grant Morrison’s Annihilator

Frazer Irving first drew Grant Morrison’s comics for Seven Soldiers with Klarion, Since then, he’s been seen on Batman Inc and the like. And now he’s drawn the cover for Annihilator for Legendary. Announced last year, no publication date has been announced. But here’s the bumf. Hellraising screenwriter Ray Spass has one last chance to restore […]

Cammy’s Covers – Fearless Defenders To Winter Soldier

Cameron Hatheway writes; The Fearless Defenders #5 by Mark Brooks Ah, this cover brings back some awesome memories from my childhood. Arriving over at Paolo’s house on the weekends, putting in Street Fighter, and playing for the rest of the day. Since I wasn’t very good, I would always play as Blanco and try my […]

Frazer Irving On Uncanny X-Men

Yay! Frazer Irving of Iron Man, Batman And Robin, Shade, Gutsville and Civil Wardrobe is joining Brian Bendis on Uncanny X-Men in April… Of late, Frazer’s work has specialised in taking finished inks and digitally manipulating them into painted work. It’s dense, textured work with an eye for the overall design. And, you know, really […]

Thursday Runaround – Time And Motion Study

TimeAndMotionWatch: Cullen Bunn looks at the nitty and gritty of making a comic book in a timely fashion. “Here’s how I do it. I use a cooking timer to keep myself on track. You can find software and apps to facilitate this method (Google “The Pomodoro Technique”) but I think a simple plastic timer and […]

Win Big With Bleeding Cool’s Sucker Punch Art Competition

Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is in UK cinemas from April 1 (which gives the US a one week lead on us, grumble grumble). While we’re keenly waiting, I thought we’d have a tie-in competion. For the rather exciting prize we’ve got a one-of-a-kind, money-can’t-but lithograph of Sucker Punch concept art by Joel Chang, signed by director […]

Frazer Irving’s Cover For Kultus

This is the cover to Richard Ford’s Kultus, a fantasy novel from Rebellion’s SF/Fantasy imprint Solaris scheduled for around this time next year. And the illustration in question is straight from the boards of Batman And Robin/Gutsville/Judge Death artist Frazer Irving. The book solicitation reads; Thaddeus Blaklok – mercenary, demonist, bastard and thug-for-hire – is […]

Win! Tickets To Sci-Fi London’s Special Event Including A Screening Of Monsters

Here’s your chance to see Gareth Edwards’ Monsters at a very special screening in Greenwich this Thursday night. As well as the film screening, there’s also a whole lot else going on… Sci-Fi London will be teaming up with the Royal Observatory to present Life, But As We Know It? Here’s the full itinerary for […]