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frank cho

Hogwarts Gets Another Outrageous New Professor, Courtesy Of Frank Cho

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool spun the Wheel of Stories and told you about controversial artist Frank Cho's latest drawing, a Scarlet Witch commission for the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention. We got to see the art in progress, and then see it again, after Cho tore the first attempt into pieces and started over. […]

Frank Cho Gets Patriotic With "Vote Harley" Variant Cover

Here at Bleeding Cool, we strive to provide you with the breaking news that's important. The news that matters. The news you want to click on. To accomplish this task, Bleeding Cool employs the most cutting edge technologies to locate that news. It's been nearly a year since we updated our most important piece of […]

DC Comics Variant Covers In August – From Jim Lee To Frank Cho To Mike Grell

A few upcoming DC Comics covers for August shipping titles. As ever, you may have seen some of them. You won't have seen most of them… Dark Nights: Metal #1 variant covers, by Jim Lee and Andy Kubert. With the variant cover by John Romita Jr coming soon. Deathstroke #22 by Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki. […]

Frank Cho "One Minute Later" Commission Cover Shows Batman Taking Out Swamp Thing

Below is a private Batman Versus Swamp Thing commission just completed by the artist Frank Cho. A full 19 inches by 24 inches, this is for comic art collector Michael "One Minute"'s famous "One Minute Later" art collection, a series of commissioned pieces of artwork depicting a famous scene or cover in comics taking place one minute […]

Frank Cho's Movie Poster For Scott Sava's Animal Crackers Is A Comic Strip

Frank Cho has posted the black-and-whites for his poster for Scott Sava's upcoming animated movie, Animal Crackers, out in the autumn, starring John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Raven-Symoné, Ian McKellen, Sylvester Stallone, Danny DeVito, Patrick Warburton and Wallace Shawn. He writes "we decided to think outside the box and create this Sunday newspaper comic strip/circus bill/movie poster." […]

Frank Cho – No Nudity, Just Catholic Nuns In Bikinis

Frank Cho has been taking his readers through his current project, a variant cover for Geof Darrow's relaunch of Cowboy Shaolin from Dark Horse. He tells us "his Shaolin Cowboy is a masterpiece of hyper-detailed art and absurd humor. I was thrilled when Geof asked me to draw a variant cover for this modern masterpiece. […]

Greg Rucka: Black Magick Will Return For Seckond Arc In June, Not April

Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka took to Twitter early this morning to announce a slight change to the return schedule for Black Magick, the kreator owned book about adding the letter "k" unnecessarily to words which he makes with ko-kreator and Wonder Woman partner Nicola Scott. The book has been on a break since February […]

Frank Cho: 21st Century Da Vinci Or Caravaggio?

It's been several days since Bleeding Cool last published an article about Frank Cho, which makes our sponsors very nervous. Frank Cho articles are the lifeblood of Bleeding Cool, the glue that holds this whole thing together, and wavering for even a moment from our commitment to bring you all the latest pointless gossip and […]

Frank Cho Sets Sights On The Elderly For Latest Outrageous Sketch Cover

As reported about extensively on Bleeding Cool (and by extensively we mean at least twice per week as firmly stated in our charter), Frank Cho loves to rile people up with his hilarious and edgy "Outrage" sketch covers, usually featuring a female superhero with an exaggerated figure wearing skimpy clothing while Spider-Gwen yells "outrage" in the background. […]