Forge World

Forge World Helps Necromunda Gamers Get a Head

Forge World, the specialty production arm of Games Workshop, is about to release a bunch of new head models for Necromunda. We’ve already shown off a few, but after seeing what’s in store for the gangs of the Hive Worlds, we couldn’t help but share. First up, we have a new set of 13 new […]

Games Workshop Teases Cultists, Sisters of Battle in 2019 Releases

Games Workshop really wants our wallets to cry. And after looking at these images, your wallets will want to cry, too.  In their recent preview of 2019 releases, the Warhammer Community page had a lot to share. Here’s the best of what we saw! Genestealer Cults: Some of us love Imperial Guard, but really wish […]