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Tako Vs. 4Chan On DC’s June Solicitations – Batman And Ra’s Al Ghul

Yesterday, we ran news on Infinity Man And The Forever People, a title that seemed to have been been semi-predicted in a post a week ago by an anonymous poster on the popular forum 4chan, along with a bunch of other projects. We didn’t run that rumour at the time, unlike some, because I wasn’t […]

That Full Infinity Man And The Forever People #1 Solicitation For June

Once I knew what to look for… well, here’s the solicit for June’s new title from DiDio, Giffen and Koblish. INFINITY MAN AND THE FOREVER PEOPLE #1 On Sale 6/11 U.S. Price: 2.99 Written by: Keith Giffen, Dan Didio Art by: Scott Koblish, Keith Giffen Cover by: Scott Koblish, Keith Giffen Variant cover by: Howard […]

Dan DiDio And Keith Giffen Bring Us The Forever People (UPDATE)

A few days ago, Bleeding Cool reprinted a tweet that seemed to suggest Dan DiDio were bringing back a cult classic comic. The smart folk told us to think Jack Kirby – Keith Gifen is one of the biggest Kirby admirers you can find and has a style that plays off Kirby wonderfully. We’ve now […]