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Ubisoft Has Banned Over 1000 For Honor Players For AFK Farming

There was an easy exploit to For Honor's multiplayer that far too many players took advantage of. You could enter a match, hold a thumbstick down in a direction, and then walk away from the game only to come back and get rewards for taking part in the match. Even though your character was basically DOA. […]

For Honor

For Honor's AFK Farming Days Are Over

Ubisoft's medieval brawler has a pretty lively Multiplayer, considering that's essentially what the game was built for. The matchmaking has been somewhat uneven since launch, but for the most part players have been dealing with it. Generally, these kinds of games always have some kind of asymmetric multiplayer matching just by circumstance. Recently, however, it's […]

Ever Want A More Exacting Combat Sim? Then For Honor Is The Game For You

For Honor is, like many games, mostly a multiplayer platform. Sure, you can play it on a single-player campaign, but storymode is short and over in a few hours. More designed to get you used to the battle system than actually be a story, though there is a story there. While it's a bit heavyhanded […]

Ubisoft Announces For Honor's DLC And Season Pass Plans

Ubisoft has already announced its season pass and DLC plans for the melee action game For Honor. Unlike most games, all For Honor players will be able to experience the post-launch DLC updates in Faction War seasons. Each season will last for three months and will see the release of two new heroes and two new […]

For Honor

For Honor Is Hosting An Open Beta Tomorrow

Just this past weekend, For Honor ran a pretty good beta that was certainly a little liberal with how many players it let in. With enough digging, it shouldn't have been that hard to get in. However, if you didn't, or you simply missed it,  you're in luck. Starting on February 9th and running until […]

For Honor Closed Beta Starts Later This Month

For Honor is finally nearly with us. The game has been bandied about for a few years now, but with its release mere months away, it is time to get it in people's hands. It's not long either until it will be. Ubisoft today announced that the game will be entering closed beta on January 26. […]

For Honor

For Honor's Single Player Will Still Require An Internet Connection

For Honor, based on everything I've played of it, is a fascinating game. It's melee combat system is not entirely new, but it's easily the biggest exploration of these ideas to ever come to market. If you don't have a stable internet connection you might not be able to explore any of them though, not […]

For Honor Pits The Vikings, Samurai And Knights Against Each Other

I'm still a little surprised that For Honor is trying to have a 'lore' about it. I thought it wouldn't really be explained, jut having ancient factions facing off because they could. But there is indeed a pretty dense story that Ubisoft seem to be trying to build. This new trailer released for Gamescom alludes […]

For Honor Gets New Gameplay And Some Fancy Lore

I thought For Honor would be a game that never really had a 'lore' or story to it. I just thought warriors from the time and space would be thrown into battle with little to no explaination. Not so it would seem. The world has a canon, and it is pretty odd. You can see […]