President Obama Chooses The Superpower Of… Doug Ramsey?

We know President Obama is a bit of a comic book geek, expressing a love of the Spider-Man and Conan comics. But what superpower would he like? You know, aside from being President and all. He told KOB-FM in New Mexico a lot about his personal tastes, food, music… and then they asked what superpower […]

Breathtaking Trailer: Robert Zemeckis Returns To Live Action With Flight

I read and really dug John Gatins‘ script for Flight, and when I heard that Robert Zemeckis was going to direct the film, I was overjoyed. Then, he cast Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle, quite perfectly, and then… we heard almost nothing more, not for a long time. The film is scheduled for release in […]

Robert Zemeckis To Direct Drugs-And-Air Disaster Drama, Flight

Now that the lifelines have been cut on Robert Zemeckis‘ motion-capture experiments (which I, personally, was very interested in), he’s been turned back around to live action filmmaking. A few projects were discussed as contenders over the last few months, from The Man of Steel to a remake of MGM’s The Wizard of Oz that […]