Flesh and blood

Into the Dark: Flesh and Blood Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Trailer For Hulu's Into the Dark's "Flesh and Blood" Says Happy Thanksgiving!

The second film in Hulu's year long horror-fest Into the Dark will premiere on the streaming service Friday, November 2. Titled "Flesh and Blood", it is set around Thanksgiving. A woman whose mother was murdered on Thanksgiving suffers from agoraphobia, and begins to suspect that all may not be right with her father. Check out […]

Flesh and Blood Book 3 Keeps the Hammer Horror Tradition Alive in Comics

David Blake Lucarelli writes; In Los Angeles there is a monthly gathering of comic book pros, entertainment industry peeps, and comics fans called Comic Book Sunday. It's there that I often run into Sam Park, the co-founder of the Monsterverse line of comic books. Talk to Sam long enough and you begin to feel the […]