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First Second Books to Teach Kids About History Through Comics

First Second Books to Teach Kids About History Through Comics

First Second Books has announced a new line of comics aimed at middle grade readers and focusing on notable events in American history, aptly titled History Comics. The School Library Journal had the official PR on the comics, which are set to start hitting stores in 2020 and serve as a compliment to First Second’s […]

A Cover And Some Anticipation For Faith Erin Hicks’ The Nameless City

It’s been quite some time since the initial announcement of Faith Erin Hicks graphic novel series The Nameless City. Now that the release is only three months away, the anticipation is really starting to build. If you haven’t seen the cover yet, it’s worth checking out! You can almost feel the action.   For those of you who don’t […]

Graphic Novel Mike’s Place Covers Tragedy And Blues In Tel Aviv

When it comes to talking about the Middle East, not a lot of people are thrilled about the subject. And can you blame them? It’s a conversation that may start out as civil, but then quickly devolves into a tenser, sometimes hostile discussion depending on the participants’ viewpoints. Of course the vast majority of people […]

Dragons Beware! Packs Epic Adventure For Young Readers

I’m not one to brag, but when I was a young tyke I slayed my fair share of monstrosities. With the help of my trusty Excalibur (aka any sturdy stick), I kept the backyard as well as the neighborhood safe as my friends and I sought out adventure. We vanquished evil, conquered dark and sinister […]

Exquisite Corpse Makes For An Exquisite Read

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a horrible relationship, feeling powerless to escape? Did you long to find someone who would treat you like a human being, and would take care of you because they really loved you? I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been in that type of situation before in […]

Last Of The Sandwalkers Combines Adventure & Science In The Spirit Of Exploration

I should have been an entomologist growing up, not an unemployed comic book reviewer. I gleefully would turn over large rocks in my backyard, delicately removing the creepy crawlies I discovered underneath. They all seemed to coexist so peacefully in this tiny alien world, and so they would continue to flourish in their new digs: […]

Bugging Jay Hosler About His Graphic Novel Last Of The Sandwalkers

Adventure, bugs, and comic books are definitely the way to any young reader’s heart, and thanks to entomologist and cartoonist Jay Hosler the combination of the three is what makes his graphic novel Last of the Sandwalkers from First Second Books so enjoyable. Hosler is able to produce a science-fiction adventure story set in a […]

Last Man Volume 1: The Stranger Packs A Fierce, Charming Punch

There is a memorable scene in the television show Spaced where Tim and Brian are having a conversation about chaos theory in the Star Wars universe, where everything that happened can be attributed to the actions of one man: the gunner on the Star Destroyer. “Well, if he’d shot the pod with Artoo and Threepio, […]

James Kochalka Talks Pie, Comics, Glorkian Warrior, And Pie In This Silly Interview

James Kochalka is a man of many talents; writer, artist, musician, and the First Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont. His style is instantly recognizable, and his brand of humor has entertained readers both young and old for several years with such titles as American Elf, Johnny Boo, Dragon Puncher, SuperF*ckers, and The Glorkian Warrior. The recipient […]

The Glorkian Warrior Returns, Hungry For Adventure Pie

A vicious Space Snake thrashes through the endless twilight sky, its pink and yellow body writhing furiously to ditch the unwanted inhabitants off its back. The Glorkian Warrior’s grip on the serpent’s hide remains tight as he tries to reposition his legs around the beast’s thick, elongated torso. Doing figure eights and loopty-loos in the […]

Advance Review: The Sculptor Brings McCloud’s Wildest Imaginations To Life

By Cameron Hatheway Imagine, if you will, a scenario where you’re approached by Death and given the opportunity to mold and transform any material to your whim with your bare hands, being able to create whatever wildest ideas flow from your mind. The only catch is you have 200 days to do so before you […]

Sculpting An Exclusive Interview With Scott McCloud About His New Graphic Novel

By Cameron Hatheway February 3rd marks the release of Scott McCloud’s long-awaited graphic novel The Sculptor from First Second Books. Best known for his epic creator-owned series Zot! and his contributions to understanding, appreciating, and reinventing the comics medium, McCloud is without a doubt a giant in the industry and has been due for another […]