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Exclusive Interview With Iron Fist’s Finn Jones: “Danny Is Longing For Friendship”

Bleeding Cool’s intrepid Kaitlyn Booth was on the scene at the Defenders panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, and she managed to get an interview with Iron Fist’s Finn Jones. Kaitlyn’s first question: why does Danny Rand seems more eager to team up than the other members of the Defenders? According to Jones, since Danny has been alone most of his […]

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RUMOR: Finn Jones Says “Iron Fist” Season 2 Announcement Imminent

Marvel’s Iron Fist was not exactly well received by critics, but the public seemed to think it was okay (at best). There were problems there, but a decent amount of them could be explained by rushed production. The show has been in something of a limbo since March, with no word as to whether it […]

There’s A Reason The Fight Scenes In Iron Fist Are Getting Panned

One of the main criticism against Marvel Iron Fist is focused on the martial arts. Finn Jones is being knocked for his martial arts skills and lots of folks are pointing to AMC’s Into The Badlands as an example of good TV martial arts. There are even folks counting the number of cuts in each […]

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Iron Fist Is One Of The Top Marvel / Netflix Series… Despite The Critics

It is very difficult to figure out just how well a Netflix series does because the company does not release their viewership numbers. But there are third party companies like Parrot Analytics that uses P2P sharing, social chatter and streaming video to track viewership. They also filter out the different between positive and negative social chatter […]

Marvel’s Iron Fist… Focusing On The Whole

I finished all 13 episodes of Marvel’s Iron Fist and figured I should come back and share my thoughts on the series as a whole. I will do my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but it would be impossible to talk about the series without giving some things away. So take that […]

Marvel’s Iron Fist… Ignore The Critics, Judge For Yourself

Over the last week we’ve been seeing horrible review after horrible review for Marvel’s Iron Fist based on the six episodes that Netflix released to critics. Headlines read that Marvel had made their first misstep and that slow, boring and down right bad. It’s funny for me to say this, being that I basically review […]

It’s Donald Trump’s Fault Iron Fist Is Bad, Not Marvel’s, Says Star Finn Jones

Ah, 2013. Back when America loved a privileged white billionaire, before they were considered “the bad guys.” That’s when Marvel first began developing the Iron Fist show for Netflix, and, according to beleaguered star Finn Jones, the changes in the world since then are at fault for the negative reception the show has seen from critics, […]

Iron Fist Gets His Own Street Level Motion Poster… But With The Dawn

  Netflix has released a new Iron Fist motion poster, and like the preceding series, this shows him standing on a street corner. But this one has the sun coming up.. .and of course the Avengers Tower in the background. The other three series had their posters at night. Marvel’s Iron Fist debuts on March […]

Iron Fist Star Uses Age-Old Ancient Wisdom Of Actors In Bad Shows

Iron Fist, if early reviews are to be believed, stands poised to be the Marvel Netflix creations first major stumble since they began. With critical and fan praise heaped on shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Iron Fist comes out Friday for the world to see. However, the show has not been without […]

Finn Jones Leaves Twitter After Discussing Iron Fist / Whitewashing Controversy

On Sunday, actor Finn Jones engaged in a discussion with Asyiqin Haron about his casting as Danny Rand in the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Fist. The show is being accused of whitewashing, or casting white actors in non-white roles. One of the most classic examples is the casting of Mickey Rooney as Audrey Hepburn’s Japanese landlord in […]

Wu-Tang’s RZA Directed An Episode Of Marvel’s Iron Fist

According to a Facebook Q&A with Iron Fist star Finn Jones on EXTRA that is being mined for multiple clickbait articles today because of a lack of juicy entertainment stories, rapper, producer, actor, and filmmaker RZA has directed an episode of Marvel’s Iron Fist show, debuting on Netflix in March. Jones revealed the information after […]

The Defenders Agree On Something

It’s one of those questions you can ask of just about any actor… “how much are you like your character?” It’s interviewing 101 and with any luck they give you an insightful answer that makes folks forget the rather generic question. During their slew of articles about the upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s The Defenders, […]

Finn Jones – This Isn’t The Comic Book Version Of Iron Fist

Finn Jones read about the role of Danny Rand / Iron Fist on the last day of shooting his part for Game of Thrones. Jones was wondering what he was going to do next when he got contacted by his agent about the role. He said that he connected with Danny right away, both of […]

Nine New Defenders Photos Released As Entertainment Weekly Goes Full Image Spammer

Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly revealed the cover of their upcoming issue focused on Marvel’s Defenders, which hits Netflix sometime in 2018. The cover marked the first official photo of the four core characters – Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, and Finn Jones’ Iron Fist – together in costume. Shortly […]