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Just Keep Swimming to Get These Limited-Edition Finding Nemo Pins

I’ve been collecting Disney pins for some time, and I’m a big fan of their collector sets — which they seem to have no end of! From Nightmare Before Christmas to Cinderella, there’s a pin set for everything. Including Finding Nemo! This pin set of Nemo and his pals is brand new and will only […]

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Righteous! Disneyland Releases Adorable Limited Edition Finding Nemo Pin

Being a Disney Parks Annual Passholder gets you some cool perks. You’re able to visit your respective park whenever you like, free parking, discounts, and of course merchandise. Over in Disneyland, annual pass holders have a chance to find this limited Finding Nemo collectors pin, perfect for Pixar Fest! This is no time to be […]

A Good Look At Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, With Peter Sohn

Yesterday, in a darkened screening room in the Soho Hotel, I sat with a few of my brethren to see footage from Pixar’s upcoming winter release of their movie The Good Dinosaur. Prehistoric creatures were in the air, on the way into London I ha to pass many life-size Velociraptors on the station platform at […]

Andrew Stanton Back To Pixar For Finding Nemo 2

Though he has been developing both live action and animated projects, Andrew Stanton has now committed to directing Finding Nemo 2 from his own idea. Deadline say that they’ve been aware of the project for months, and have been waiting for Stanton to sign on: with the idea that Disney would give him another shot […]

The Real Finding Nemo 3D Teaser… And That Funny Clip (Again)

Last night, I ran an amusing Finding Nemo video in Rushes, a promo for the upcoming 3D re-release that aired on Ellen. Seeing as there’s a new, official trailer for the film, I thought I’d run them both together for you. Because a 2D trailer for a 3D re-release of an old film just isn’t […]

Pixar and Disney To Re-Release Four Of Their Biggest Hits In 3D

Welcome to the latest Hollywood craze: post-converting movies that proved wildly successful upon their first release to 3D and then stuffing them back into cinema playlists for another turn profit-spin. We’ve known for a while about James Cameron’s plans to release a 3D version of Titanic on the centenary of the tragedy, and that Pixar […]

Get Ready For Finding Nemo 2… And 3?

Toy Story 3 is in cinemas now, Cars 2 is just around the bend, Monsters Inc. 2 is… um… hiding under the bed, and we’ve been talking a lot about Planes here this last couple of weeks – but is that where the Pixar sequels and spin-offs end? At least for now, surely? No. Apparently […]