FFXIV Shadowbringers Finally has its First Savage Raids

“FFXIV: Shadowbringers” Finally has its First Savage Raids

The Eden raid series has expanded today with Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ Patch 5.05 which introduces the Savage difficulty iterations of the raids as well as a new set of treasure map instances, battle system changes, crafting recipes, and items. Patch 5.05 includes the following new content and updates: High-Level Raid: Eden’s Gate (Savage) – Players […]

[REVIEW] Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Plays it too Safe

Final Fantasy XIV‘s brand new expansion, Shadowbringers, does a whole hell of a lot for the game to move its central story forward, which is a double-edged sword. The game’s central conflict is between the Warrior of Light, Scions of the Seventh Dawn and their immortal adversaries The Ascians. The expansion brings that conflict back to […]

“Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers” is Equivalent to a “Whole New RPG”

Final Fantasy XIV fans shouldn’t be disappointed in the Square Enix E3 showcase, as it gave us a hilarious new trailer about the Shadowbringers expansion. Even if the info given at the show was just a wrap-up of everything we know so far, the trailer itself is a nice treat. And Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers' Job Changes are a Bit Risky

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ Job Changes are a Bit Risky

In last week’s “Letter from the Producer,” we got a preview of some of the battle system changes coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Some of those changes are great. The mechanist rework is brilliant, the charge actions work wonderfully, bards’ skills are more streamlined, and most jobs feel exactly like they do right now, just […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is Not About Darkness or Light, But Balance

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, sat down with Forbes for an interview about the MMORPG’s upcoming expansion, Shadowbringers. Like many JRPGs, and the rest of the Final Fantasy series in particular, FFXIV deals with the duality of light and darkness throughout it’s campaign. The player character is called the Warrior of Light, after all. And so […]

Final Fantasy XIV’s Hrothgar and Viera Will Be The Last New Playable Races

In the latest “Letter from the Producer” stream for Final Fantasy XIV, Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that, due to the difficulties of developing new races for the MMO, the gender-locked Hrothgar and Viera races will be the final races added to FFXIV. While it may not seem like it, adding a new race to the […]

Final Fantasy XIV and FF Tactics: Just Who is Elidibus?

Final Fantasy XIV and FF Tactics: Just Who is Elidibus?

During the Stormblood story cycle of Final Fantasy XIV, the “Return to Ivalice” raid series has combined the lore of the Tactics games and Final Fantasy XII into the MMO. In fact, FFXIV and FFXII just might be concurrent stories. Which brings up the question, could Elidibus from Final Fantasy Tactics be the same Elidibus as FFXIV’s […]

Final Fantasy XIV's World Visit System is Live but No One Knows How to Use it

Final Fantasy XIV’s World Visit System is Live but No One Knows How to Use it

The highly anticipated World Visit system is live in Final Fantasy XIV after some extended maintenance this week. However, to make sure everyone knows how to use the system, the dev team has released a handy “how-to” guide for players to figure out the server migration. To be fair, Final Fantasy XIV‘s menu systems can be a […]

The Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV Crossover Event is Now Live

The Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV Crossover Event is Now Live

The long awaited second-half of the Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV collaboration has arrived in FFXIV today. The first half of the collaboration saw Final Fantasy XIV‘s Empress of Birds appear in Final Fantasy XV as a special boss encounter. FFXIV players can join the event by undertaking the quest “The Man in Black” as long as […]

Talks to Bring Final Fantasy XIV to Switch are Reportedly Ongoing

According to a recent interview with GameSpot, Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that Square Enix is in talks with various platform holders to bring the MMORPG to new platforms. From GameSpot: “Talks with platform-holders has been going on. The fundamental philosophy with Final Fantasy XIV is we want it on labels with cross-platform play with any […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ Crystarium is from a 2005 Tech Demo

At last weekend’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo, Square Enix released a ton of information on the new areas, raids, jobs, and races coming to the game with the Shadowbringers expansion this summer. One of the new areas revealed was The Crystarium, which might look familiar. If you paid attention to game tech demos back in […]

The Final Story Patch of FFXIV’s Stormblood Cycle has Launched Today

The climatic end of the Stormblood storyline aarrived in Final Fantasy XIV Online today with the release of Patch 4.56. This finale will set the stage for the next expansion, Shadowbringers, in which players hop dimensions to the First World and visit  Norvrandt. Essentially this makes all players take on the role of Warriors of Darkness as seen during theHeavensward content […]

Final Fantasy XIV’s Real-Life Wedding Service Comes with Replica Weapons

We’ve talked about the Final Fantasy XIV real-life wedding service before, but we’ve got some new details to share. Square Enix’s partnership with Japanese wedding service Bridal Hearts will let players take part in a real-world simulacrum of the in-game Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. This includes a tux and gown designed to mirror the in-game wedding […]

Final Fantasy XIV is Getting a Float in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Final Fantasy XIV Online and Sydney Gaymers are collaborating to make the MMO the first video game to march as part of a float in Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Which is a win for Gaymers everywhere, really. The collaboration will see members of Australia’s 2,600-strong Sydney Gaymer community join forces with Australian FFXIV players. […]

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.55 is Live with the Final Stage of Eureka

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 4.55 is live today, and brings a new campaign to the 48-man PvP mode Rival Wings along with the final version of the Forbidden Lands of Eureka. The new Rival Wings map, “Hidden Gorge,” sees two teams of 24 players compete to destroy the core in their opponent’s base, however there […]

FFXIV Director Says Final Fantasy XVI Should Be “Straightforward Fantasy”

During a fan Q&A segment at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris earlier this month, FFXIV Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida was asked about the next game in the mainline series. While Final Fantasy XVI is hardly official yet, that hasn’t stopped the fan hype train from spinning theories on what the game could be […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Pre-Orders Available Today

The next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, called Shadowbringers, will be releasing this summer and pre-orders for the expansion pack will go live today at 11am PT. This is the third major expansion for the award-winning MMO and will be available on July 2, 2019 both physically and digitally with Collector’s and Standard Editions. Players may pre-order […]

Final Fantasy XIV’s Blue Mage Job is Completely Ridiculous

Blue Mage is the first Limited Job available in Final Fantasy XIV, which means there are some odd restrictions on what players can and cannot do with it. While players can enter instanced dungeons, they can only do so through pre-formed or undersized parties. Because of the way Blue Mage works, dropping BLU players in with […]

Why Final Fantasy XIV Is the Only Game You Will Ever Need

We still aren’t at the end of Final Fantasy XIV‘s Stormblood lifecycle, but that doesn’t matter, because you don’t ever need to play another game ever again. Seriously. This game has pretty much everything. PvP, racing, crafting, in-depth lore, immersive story, live service updates, solid customer service, classy vanity items on the mog station, a companion chat […]

Blue Mage will Hit Final Fantasy XIV Ahead of the Shadowbringers Expansion

One of the most requested jobs for future Final Fantasy XIV expansions has been Blue Mage, because FFXIV players just cannot get over their obsession with FFXI job classes. And to be fair to them, Blue Mage is a pretty sweet job. Unlike other mage classes, Blue Mages were defined by the sheer ridiculous number of spells they […]