Time to Get on the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Hype Train

It’s Time to Get on the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Hype Train

Square Enix revealed the release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake just before E3 this year, and spent a decent chunk of their press conference showing off an early mission for Cloud and Barrett that sees the duo taking on a Scorpion mech. That mission was playable as a demo for lucky fans and media […]

The Final Fantasy VII Symphony is Coming to LA for E3

The Final Fantasy VII Symphony is Coming to LA for E3

Called Final Fantasy VII: a Symphonic Reunion, the Final Fantasy orchestra is coming to Los Angeles, on June 9th at 6pm. As is typical with video game orchestra performances, there will be a video sequence of game highlight moments to go along with the music. The FFVII performance is called a “reunion” as it brings together the original […]

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State of Play and Final Fantasy VII Remake: They Actually Did It

After a few obscure teases from Square Enix yesterday, just a day ahead of Sony’s State of Play stream this afternoon, several fans and media outlets thought that we might be seeing some gameplay, or even a new cinematic trailer, for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. And they actually did it. I was […]

The Final Fantasy VII Revival Disk Brings Back the Iconic Soundtrack in July

The Final Fantasy VII Revival Disc Brings Back the Iconic Soundtrack in July

  Square Enix is releasing a new Revival Disc, this time for the Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack. At least in Japan, anyway. The “Revival Disc” series brings back classic game soundtracks with a video presentation, all packaged together as a Blue-Ray Disc. The FFVII Original Soundtrack is the next release in the series, which is […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake VII city pose

Final Fantasy VII Remake a No-Show at the Square Enix Press Conference

Despite everyone’s hopes and dreams, the Square Enix E3 press conference was short and mostly focused on the company’s smaller games. The new announcements focused on Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest XI, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, while the rest of the show was full of trailers we’d kind of seen before. A lot of it was footage […]

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake Likely Won’t Release This Year

The Final Fantasy VII remake was announced way back at E3 2015, and since then we’ve gotten updates on the game every few months or so thanks to new screenshot drops or social media commentary. However, based on the latest information we have, the game is still under heavy development. Even with its episodic format, at […]