Amy Mebberson’s Disney Princess Comic Out In February

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you last year that Joe Books would be publishing official Disney comic book strips online by Amy Mebberson exploring the characters of Frozen, Little Mermaid, Cinderalla and more, moving from her fanfic to official licensed stories. In February they are coming to print in an ongoing comic book, […]

Boundless Solicitations For February 2016 – All About The Webwitch

WEBWITCH #4 $4.99 Cover: Matt Martin Writer & Artist: Matt Martin MR, Color, 40 pages, 4 of 5 Everything goes crazy as the alien assault with melting flesh rays is in full effect! Matt Martin delivers an erotic horror tale like you’ve never seen before. Nina is torn between two worlds in a battle for […]

Five Hours Till Loot Crate’s February ‘Play’ Deadline

Five hours till the February deadline for ordering your Loot Crate this month. So what do you get? Let’s see what we can work out from these three pieces of exuberant PR copy. Honest Abe Lincoln with a Jetpack and Kitten Cannon vs. a Giant Octopus! It’s the former President’s birthday and he’s here to […]

Justice League #6 Slips Into Fifth Week In February

Retailers have been complaining about the DC New 52 fifth week. When a month has five Wednesdays, with all the New 52 titles slotted into the first four weeks, it leaves kids books, Vertigo titles and the lower selling non-52 comics, which don’t quite have the punch to the pocket that the New 52 comics […]

Four Women On The Covers Of Dynamite Books Shipping In February

Three books, four covers, from Dynamite, shipping in February, First up, Jennifer Blood #12, a cover by Tim Bradstreet. And the lady in question is in her underwear. Relatively lacy underwear at that. And blood. I’m not sure if this comic actually needs a Mature Readers label. Possibly, though this second cover by Ale Garza […]

Ch-Ch-Changes At The DCU For February

Rob Liefeld writing and drawing an issue of Hawk And Dove! With Batman in it! With big bat thighs that are wider than… Dove. Federico Dallacchio off Suicide Squad! Tom Raney on Suicide Squad! Keith Giffen not drawing O.M.A.C! Scott Koblish and Scott Kolins drawing it all now! Ivan Brandon off Men Of War! (But […]