Fearless #3 [Preview]

Wolverine: Instagram Stalker in Fearless #3 [Preview]

Fearless #3 hits stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Seanan McGuire, Claire Roe, Rachelle Rosenberg, Zoe Quinn, Marika Cresta, Alyssa Wong, Alti Firmansyah, Irma Knivilla, and Cardinal Rae. We’ve got a preview below. There’s three stories here, and we’ve got a little bit of each in our preview. We start out with our multi-part […]

Fearless #2 [Preview]

An X-Men Reunion in Fearless #2 [Preview]

Fearless #2 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, continuing the anthology that celebrates Marvel’s fiercest female heroes. With three stories this issue: the second part of Campfire Song, plus a Night Nurse story and one featuring X-23 and Honey Badger. It’s the X-23 and Honey Badger… sorry, Scout story we see a preview of […]

What Peter David Wants For His Birthday

As many reading this will know, when you register on the BC forums (and most other forums around the web) it asks for your birth date.  And on your birthday, if your account is set to accept administrative messages, it sends you an automated happy birthday message from me (the forum admin).  It basically just says, “Hey, […]

Captain America Calls Finders Keepers In The Fearless #1

This is a lesson in how to keep an event comic going on for an entire year after it finishes. Longer, if it’s late. By Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, (mostly) Cullen Bunn, Mark Bagley and Paul Pelletier. Well, it looks like Sin’d forces have done a good job of creating a smaller government, if nothing […]