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What We're Excited to See in "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"

“Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna” Gets a US Release Date

Digimon fans are in for a treat, with Toei Animation and Fathom Events announcing that the US Digimon lovers will receive an opportunity to witness the epic event in theaters very soon. The announcement was shared on Wednesday, explaining that Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna will be screened for US audiences with a limited release […]

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

Get ready to relive a piece of science fiction history as Star Trek: The Motion Picture returns to the theaters for its 40th anniversary. It’s hard to imagine it has only been 40 years since Star Trek was introduced on the silver screen becoming the beneficiary of a new wave of science fiction films in […]

“3 From Hell” Will Play in Theaters for Three Nights Only in September

3 From Hell, the latest film from Rob Zombie, finally has a release date. While the film will not see a traditional full theatrical release, Fathom Events will host special screenings of the film over three nights in September. The three nights will be September 16th, 17th, and 18th. Each will have special treats for […]

Fathom Events Bringing ‘Die Hard’ Back to Theaters

Die Hard, one of the ultimate Christmas movies, is returning to theaters this year thanks to Fathom events. Yes Bruce Willis, it IS a *bleeping* Christmas Movie! On Sunday November 11th and Tuesday November 14th, Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies are bringing Die Hard back to theaters across the country for two showings on the […]

Ariana Richards Still Loves Dinosaurs and ‘Jurassic Park’

We personally still get extremely excited anytime we get to speak with someone from a property that we love, and chatting with Ariana Richards who played Lex in the first Jurassic Park film was certainly one of those experiences. If you’ll recall, Richards played computer-savy Lex in Steven Spielberg‘s 1993 cinema adaptation of the dinosaur adventure based on Michael Crichton‘s […]

5 Hubcaps and a Movie: Fathom Events Brings ‘Bullitt’ Back to Theaters

Fathom Events sure gets us sometimes: for the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking Steve McQueen film Bullitt, we’re getting the green mustang-chase of our dreams returning to theaters on Sunday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 9th. Bullitt really did change filmmaking when it was originally released, namely one of the most incredible car chases in cinema to this day. The […]

Fathom Events is Bringing ‘Jurassic Park’ Back to Theaters

Fathom Events wants to welcome fans to Jurassic Park this September with the return of the dinosaur adventure classic in select theaters to celebrate 25 years of sparing no expense. Fans of all ages have the chance to experience director Steven Spielberg‘s film adaptation of Michael Crichton‘s Jurassic Park for three days in September — the 16th, 18th, and 19th […]

Transformers The Movie Poster

Fathom Events is Bringing Transformers: The Movie Back to Theaters – Wanna Win Tickets?

Transformers: The Movie, the classic animated full-length film from 1986, is coming back to theaters for one night only on September 27th 2018. Fathom Events will be hosting screenings all around the country, in association with Hasbro and Shout! Factory, featuring a completely remastered version (also released on Blu-ray in 2016). The AUTOBOTS, led by […]

Transformers The Movie Poster

Transformers: The Movie Returns to Theaters, For One Night Only

Transformers fans: get ready to cry all over again, as Shout Factory, Hasbro,  and Fathom Events will be bringing Transformers: The Movie to theaters for one night only on September 27. This will be the remastered version that they released on blu-ray last year. The work they did on the transfer was amazing, and to […]

Fathom Events Bringing RiffTrax Live: ‘Krull’ to Theaters This August

We love sharing what Fathom Events brings to theaters, because more often than not, it’s pretty awesome. In August, Fathom is presenting RiffTrax Live: Krull. That’s right, you too can experience the original fidget spinner-featured science fiction/fantasy epic a la RiffTrax. RiffTrax Live is a shared comedy experience where Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett riff […]

Fathom Events Brings ‘The Big Lebowski’ Back to Theaters for 20th Anniversary

Those wonderful film lovers over at Fathom Events are bringing cult favorite The Big Lebowski back to theaters to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. Joel and Ethan Coen‘s much beloved tale of bowling, white russians, rugs, and crime continues to have mass appeal and fans gather annually to celebrate the flick at the Lebowski Fest. Starring Jeff Bridges as Jeff […]

Fathom Events Bringing ‘BIG’ Back to Theaters – Want to Win Tickets?

Fathom Events, again with the awesome film anniversary screenings, is bringing the classic Tom Hanks film BIG back to theaters to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the flick. Also, we’ve got some tickets to give away for it! Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Twentieth Century Fox, and Fathom are bringing the magic back to audiences in the U.S. […]