Fast Food

Burger King Explains Net Neutrality With Whoppers

You guys know that Net Neutrality is more than just a hashtag, right?  Burger King knows, and wants YOU to know, too. You may recall back in December Net Neutrality was repealed, which means that Internet providers can block and/or slow down websites based on…their mood for the day?  The speed really isn’t the main issue, […]

Rick And Morty Light A Fire Under Internets Butts: Szechuan Sauce To Return?

Remember back in 1998 when McDonalds released a special edition Szechuan sauce to celebrate Disney’s Mulan? You likely forgot about it, but this past weekend the season 3 premier episode of Rick and Morty reminded everyone that the sauce existed, and the internet lost its shit. I vaguely remember this myself, and I couldn’t tell you […]

Classic Archenemies Make Peace With Fast Food

Fast food giant McDonald’s has released a new commercial and ad campaign that is a virtual treasure trove of pop culture archenemies. This new video to go with the “I’m Loving It” tagline includes: Pac Man, Batman, Joker, The Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Spongebob Squarepants, Freddie Krueger, Michael Meyers, Super Mario, King Kruppa, The Smurfs, Gargamel, […]