fanboy rampage

Fanboy Rampage: Nazi-Punching The Global Conversation Via Twitter With Nick Spencer, Mags Visaggio, And Alex de Campi After commenting on the jaw-dropping degradation and destruction of the global conversation due to Twitter, superstar writer and man with more than 30,700 tweets took to Twitter to have a global conversation, mostly with writer Anthony Oliveira, though others eventually chimed in, including Quantum Teens Are Go creator Magdalene Visaggio. Below are some excerpts from that […]

Fanboy Rampage: Nick Spencer Vs. DC Rebirth Over Sales Numbers And Success

Superstar writer Nick Spencer rarely takes a break from tweeting about politics, which he does roughly 25 hours a day, every day, relentlessly, in a freakish display of superhuman Twitter stamina. But when he does, it’s usually in order to blame fans for not “grasping the scope” of his Marvel stories, or to lecture them on […]

Fanboy Rampage: Dan Slott Vs. Rich Johnston Over Comic Book Journalism

It’s a brand new year here at Bleeding Cool, which means it’s the first time in 2017 that we’re spinning the Bleeding Cool WHEEL OF STORIES! Let’s give it a spin and see where it lands… *spins wheel* Ah. Dan Slott Fanboy Rampage. It’s about time. We’re only two days into 2017, which means we’re […]

Fanboy Rampage: Stephen Wacker Vs. Rich Johnston Over Improbable Previews

Marvel animation executive and message board troll Stephen Wacker is not a big fan of Bleeding Cool’s long-running feature, Improbable Previews. In response to the latest edition of the hit column, Wacker tweeted: The Bleeding Cool article needlessly/insultingly shitting on Bendis is low and distasteful even for them. — Stephen Wacker (@StephenWacker) December 27, 2016 […]

Fanboy Rampage: The Intersection Of Art And Politics With Greg Capullo

Earlier today, Top Cow mogul Matt Hawkins asked a question on social media: Comic pros, how much do you concern yourself with whether your religious or political views might stop people from buying your work? — Matt Hawkins (@topcowmatt) November 30, 2016 It’s one that’s pretty relevant today, with the political climate in the world […]

Fanboy Rampage: Rob Liefeld & Erik Larsen Tag Team On John Byrne

John Byrne isn’t on Twitter. Which is why one enterprising individual set up the Twitter handle @JohnByrneSays to take some of the things John says on his message board to a wider audience. There had been several artists over the years who had drawn “off-model,” but most of the time this meant restoring characters to […]

Fanboy Rampage: John Layman Vs Joe Kalicki

Okay, this is definitely insular. But it is also quite funny. Recently, Bleeding Cool ran an article including a discussion carried out with John Layman at a comic convention. Then it continued into the comments. One regular poster, and DC Comics lover Joe Kalicki disagreed with the description of Layman in the article as “polite”. Joe: I don’t know […]

Fanboy Rampage: John Byrne Vs… John Byrne?

Here is a very special Christmas present for you all. Discussing Galactus, on the 5th of October, John Byrne posted on his message board, replying to an earlier poster. Such a great character. Why, oh why, did the second FF movie screw everything up?! •• To be fair, it could have been a lot worse! […]