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Beetlejuice Fan Film ‘Documentary For The Recently Deceased’ Needs Your Help

Probably one the most enduring roles of Michael Keaton‘s film career, the undead trickster Beetlejuice continues to speak to fans on all planes of existence. Fans of Tim Burton‘s 1988 classic dead-undead-dead comedy have taken up the cause of producing a documentary about the groundbreaking special effects and production woes behind the film. And they need your help […]

Breaking: Axanar Settles Lawsuit With CBS And Paramount Over Star Trek Fan Film

It seems the long battle between CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures is drawing to a close with Bleeding Cool learning that they have agreed to settle their lawsuit against Axanar Productions. It was over a year ago that the suit had been filed, then last May, during a fan event promoting Star Trek Beyond, J.J. Abrams […]

New Spider-Man Fan Film Celebrates Miles Morales

In the relatively short time since he first appeared on the comic page, character Miles Morales has garnered a tremendous fan following. Taking up the mantle of Peter Parker, the first Spider-Man, is no easy feat, but despite the bumps and bruises along the way, Miles has proved himself a worthy successor. With that in […]

Go! Go! Power Lawyers! – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes, I was idly observing geek culture’s latest storm in a coffee mug this week, which is the Power Rangers fan film kerfuffle. [youtube][/youtube] On Monday morning of last week, Adi Shankar, producer of Dredd, The Grey and Lone Survivor, posted the 14-minute film on Vimeo and YouTube for all to see. It […]

The Gray Ghost: The Lost Reel – A Fan Film For BTAS Fans

Fan films can be hit or miss but when done right they are usually fun. If you liked Batman: The Animated Series and more specifically the episode Beware The Gray Ghost with the Gray Ghost voiced by Adam West, then you should get a kick out of this fan film. Interesting enough, the Gray Ghost […]

New He-Man Fan-Film Hits Kickstarter

Submitted to Bleeding Cool by Val Staples.  The Power of Grayskull comes to a new fan film. Daniel Benedict has launched a Kickstarter project to help produce a high quality Masters of the Universe fan short film entitled Fall of Grayskull. Benedict has been a lifelong He-Man fan. He was even the winner of the […]

Aquaman: The Teen Drama – The Final Chapter

This video represents the final video that Patrick Willems will be creating for Bleeding Cool. We are so happy to have hosted his wonderful films and look forward to what he’ll be concocting next… [youtube][/youtube] If you missed them, here are the previous chapters. Part four… [youtube][/youtube] Part three… [youtube][/youtube] Two… [youtube][/youtube] And one…! [youtube][/youtube] […]

A Better Punisher – The Story Of A Fan Film

Mike Pecci writes; I believe that there is a way to create a better and more successful Punisher on screen. Not just for the comic book fans, but for fans of action films, fans of violence, and fans of the iconic antihero. Frank Castle is more than a man with guns – he is a […]

Read Guillermo Del Toro’s Notes On A Fan’s Short Film

Take that marker pen and underline this fact: Guillermo Del Toro is a very nice man. Now add this underneath: that doesn’t mean it’s cool to spam him with your short films, artwork and scripts because if there’s one thing he’s got less of than mean bones,it’s free time. At this very moment, in fact, […]