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Fallout 76 Players Have Discovered a Developer’s Room in the Game

A few players in Fallout 76 managed to discover a secret room in the game that basically acts like a giant tool shed for Bethesda Softworks’ developers. The so-called “Developer Room” has everything you could ever need in the game, including all of the top-tier weapons, special items, and even an NPC who sits in the room […]

Fallout 76 announcement photo

Bethesda’s New Year’s Resolution is to Fix Fallout 76

Fallout 76 might just be the biggest letdown of the game release cycle of 2018. Few games came out with as much hype and promise to as much disappointment as 76 did last year, and Bethesda has been resolutely trying to turn that around. However, their success hasn’t been all that great. After all, the game’s […]

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Fallout 76 Fans Now Angry Over Bottles Not Being Glass

It does not matter what item Bethesda Softworks created for Fallout 76, everything about the game seems to be making everyone angry. The latest controversy coming from the fans revolves around an $80 bottle of Nuka Cola called Nuka Dark. The company sold fans a special edition bottle of the fake soda to fans that […]

Bethesda is Banning Fallout 76 Cheaters Until They Do Homework

You know, it’s a funny thing, we can’t think of any greater punishment than homework on a gamer for cheating, even in Fallout 76. A couple of different sources have noted that some of the most recent cheating bans in the system have come with an extra bit of flavor text to them to get […]

Fallout 76

Bethesda Gives Away Fallout Classic Collection to All Fallout 76 Owners

It appears the Bethesda Softworks apology tour for Fallout 76 has reached a new point as the company is giving away free copies of another game to owners. As you may be aware, the fanbase of Fallout is basically starting to turn ugly against Bethesda for all the issues that keep cropping up about Fallout 76, […]

Bethesda, Atari, SNK, and Star Wars Games Hit the GOG Winter Sale

New games have hit GOG’s winter sale this weekend, with late entries from Bethesda, Atari, SNK, and the various Star Wars franchises. All of the games in GOG’s winter sale are up to 90% off until the sale ends in just under 3 days. The new entries include Fallout Fallout Tactics Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas […]

Fallout 76 Fans Are Calling Out Bethesta on Microtransaction Pricing

Bethesda Softworks is feeling the heat over Fallout 76 on multiple levels, but this week a new layer was added as microtransaction prices were brought into question. People have been complaining about the in-game prices since day one, but the latest Reddit post gaining traction this week that has stirred people up is a discussion […]

Toynk Fallout Nanoforce

Fallout Fans Will Want to Order the New Toynk Nanoforce Figures

Fallout fans are busy playing Fallout 76, but if there is one thing fans of Bethesda’s universe like more than the games, it is collecting things.  There is no shortage of Fallout-related memorabilia to get out there and purchase, that’s for sure. One of the cooler companies making things is Toynk. Hats, cola, pins, lanyards, […]

[REVIEW] Fallout 76 Glitch Makes My Clothes Fall Off

I’ve been waiting for Fallout 76 to arrive, downloaded it to my trusty PC, and have been enjoying playing it the past few days. It was a bit of a long download; my folder clocks in at 49.4 gigs at the time of writing. I thought for sure the negative reviews were overrated, and what […]

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Bug Gives Players Permanent Invulnerability

  According to reports, the latest bug to hit players in Fallout 76 is a form of permanent godmode that makes affected players invulnerable to all attacks. Yes, they can even survive taking nukes to the face, which is honestly pretty damn metal for a Fallout game. The bug news was first picked up by Eurogamer from the Fallout […]

Fallout 76

John Carpenter Calls Fallout 76 a “Glitchathon” of a Game

Bethesda’s latest attempt at a multiplayer live-game, Fallout 76, has been universally reviled since it launched earlier this month. Early reviews, player feedback, social media – you name it, and Fallout 76 has been slammed on that platform. Its been a while since the internet was so united in its hate of a game. In fact, the […]

Fallout 76

Bethesda, Why??? Fallout 76’s First Patch is Over 50 GB on Consoles

We all know Bethesda really likes massive game files. We’ve known that for years. However, usually that only accounts for the initial download. Bethesda doesn’t often do live multiplayer games, after all. However, Fallout 76 is indeed a live multiplayer game, which means that major patch updates are going to be a regular thing. The game […]

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Three Nukes Crashed the Fallout 76 Server in Spectacular Fashion

One of the funniest videos you’re going to see from the weekend is this little gem with some Fallout 76 players crashed the whole server. Some adventurous, crafty, and devious players did everything by-the-book when it came to getting nuclear launch codes within the game, and decided to see what would happen if not one, not […]

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Fallout Nanoforce Figures Up For Order From Toynk

Fallout fans will have to pry themselves away from Fallout 76 for a little while. Toynk has a new line of army men style figures called Nanoforce coming soon, and they are pretty awesome. Each pack comes with 6 Vault Boys and 6 Artifacts/Weapons, all in the 2 inch scale. Just like classic army men. […]

Chris Avellone Escalates Feud with Obsidian Over Xbox Deal

Fallout writer Chris Avellone left Obsidian Entertainment under inauspicious circumstances and has held a grudge against the company since. Avellone recently escalated the feud on Twitter over Microsoft’s possible decision to license the company as part of its recent studio grab bonanza. Obsidian is the next studio rumored to be in sight for a buyout by […]

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Will Be Online ‘Forever’ Says Pete Hines

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has said, jokingly, that Fallout 76 will be online forever. Having played a couple hours of Fallout 76, I still have a lot of questions. The smoothness of player interaction leaves me uncertain, but the tone and story of the game is intriguing. The experience of being the first ones to step […]

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Fallout 76 Live-Action Trailer Asks Wouldn’t it be Nice

Bestheda released a new live-action trailer for Fallout 76 that taps into some good 1960s vibes. And the nuclear apocalypse, of course. Fallout 76 is just around the corner now. The beta launched last week on Xbox One and is set to land on PC and PlayStation 4 tomorrow. Fans of the series are undoubtedly questioning what […]