Fabio Moon

The Umbrella Academy: Gerard Way, Fabio Moon Offer Filming Updates

If you're Netflix, then you take it as a good sign that you're only a week into filming your series adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's graphic novel series The Umbrella Academy and you've already won over an impressive new fan. Comic book artist Fábio Moon — twin brother of series' illustrator Bá — was able […]

First Comixology Original Rolls Out Today With Adventure Time: Marshall Lee Spectacular

Like a lot of websites, Amazon likes exclusives. If your ebook is available exclusively through Kindle, you get a few more perks to help it sell. With comixology under the Amazon umbrella, the exclusive originals program was a given. Today comixology rolls out Adventure Time Marshall Lee Spectacular from BOOM! Studios and Cartoon Network Enterprises. […]

Orbital In Conversation With Fabio Moon On Two Brothers

By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/OiCPodcastEpisode130.mp3] After last week's thorough dissection of Secret Wars and all things Marvel with The Real/Fake Geeks (which you can still listen to here), this time I'm back at the pub for a chat with Fabio Moon (Daytripper, BPRD: Vampire, Casanova & the upcoming Two Brothers). Fabio & I discuss how he […]

Fábio Moon And Gabriel Bá To Release Emotive Brazilian Tale Two Brothers

From Dark Horse, comes the latest collaboration between Brazilian siblings Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. Two Brothers gives readers a deeply moving reading experience similar to their previous books De:Tales and Daytripper. The story focuses on twin brothers Omar and Yaqub who are very different from one another. After a fight over their mother, Yaqub […]

Swipe File: Daytripper And Feliz Aniversário, Feliz Obituário

I feel like I may be going to Hell for this. But here we go. Popular Brazilian comic book site Mel Hores Domundo has published what it alleges as a possible unacknowledged inspiration for the Eisner Award winning 2010 Vertigo series and graphic novel Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. Happy Birthday, Happy Obituary by Jefferson Costa and Rafael de […]

Fraction, Ba And Moon's Casanova Collected In 3 Deluxe Hardcover Editions

Matt Fraction (Hawkeye), Gabriel Ba (The Umbrella Academy) and Fabio Moon (B.P.R.D.) are getting their Image Comic series Casanova collected into three deluxe hardcover Complete Editions coming out once a month starting in October. Casanova "Cass" Quinn was born into a life of privilege but turned his back on it to pursue his own interests […]

Things To Do All Over The World This Week If You Like Hellboy And His Universe

March 22nd marks the 20th Anniversary of Hellboy in his first dedicated comic, Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction #1, and Dark Horse are officially naming it Hellboy Day with events all over the place, wherever Hellboy creators and enthusiastic retailers can be found. It's a time for cosplay, commemoration, and raising a salute to Big Red. […]

Today, Fábio Moon And Gabriel Bá Aim To #ChangeBrazil

So, an uprising started by the rise in bus fares in San Paolo, Brazil, has exploded, in a mix of politician corruption and nepotism, health, safety and welfare, and extreme inequality of wealth. Here's a good user friendly summary. [youtube]www.youtube.com/watch?&v=AIBYEXLGdSg[/youtube] Comic creators Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are making a stand today. Here is what […]

Tr!ckster, The Creator Owned Comic Bar For San Diego Comic Con

There has been criticism of late over the San Diego Comic Con, reflected in The Cleveland Show last night, that it has become less about comic books and more about Hollywood's marketing machine. It's an attitude that I've generally dismissed I believe that San Diego Comic Con is what you make it, there is so […]