Extant Season 2 Trailer Shows Changes

CBS has announced there would be a retooling of their summer event series Extant before season 2. Well, the trailer below shows us a very different feeling story than the initial run. Series regulars are gone, new ones appear including Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Magic City) and David Morrissey (The Walking Dead). Looks like the main […]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Retooled Extant

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a familiar face to most of us from either his time as the dad on Supernatural, his role as the Comedian in Watchmen or as the lead in the Starz series Magic City. Now the actor has signed on to be a regular in creatively rebooted CBS series Extant starring Halle […]

CBS To Shake Up Extant Cast For Season 2

Extant, the summer series about an astronaut who becomes pregnant in space even though she was alone, is getting a second season from CBS but not all of the first season cast is returning. Star Halley Berry who plays the astronaut Molly is back along with her android son played by Pierce Gagnon and Grace […]