Doomsday Smashes with New Exclusive Iron Studios Statue

Doomsday Smashes with New Exclusive Iron Studios Statue

Doomsday is the monster that changed the world, he'll save on to kill a man of steel himself. We all know the story that he didn't just die but more super sleeps, but he did do the one thing that no one thought was possible to take down Superman. Doomsday is making his appearance with […]

All Might Funko Pops Tell Us That They Are Here! [Review]

All Might Funko Pops Tell Us That They Are Here! [Review]

My Hero Academia Season 4 is a back in it is bigger and better than ever. Could All Might die? What will our heroes do next? What is the League of Villains up to? Only these questions can be answered by My Hero Academia Season 4. The questions that you have that I can answer […]

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Batman Gets Animated in New 1/6th Scale Figure from Mondo

Batman: The Animated Series is a pop-culture classic cartoon. It opens up the world for DC Animation and honestly, it's one of the strangest things from the outside of the comics. Marvel hasn't ever seemed to capture the essence that DC does with their animated films or shows. It's time to relive that classic animated Batman […]

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Miss Mindy Batman Exclusives Are Here to Save the Day

Miss Mindy is quite popular for her cartoon folk art designs. Many will describe it as old-timey styled figures or art with characteristics such as big eyes and exaggerated proportions. Inspired by her love for 80s Disney, Betty Boop, and Anime she has pursued her passion as an artist. She is quite known for her Disney […]

Doom Guy Gets an Exclusive Variant Figure from McFarlane Toys

Doomguy Gets an Exclusive Variant Figure from McFarlane Toys

Doom is a bloody masterpiece and has been an icon in the gaming community. Show your love for that iconic game with the newest exclusive figure coming exclusively to Walgreens. Doomguy Doom slayer figure it will be 7 inches and highly articulate with over 22 moving parts. The variation is the bronze-colored Space Marine armor […]

Six New Transformers Revealed by Hasbro for FanExpo 2019

Transformers are inbound and headed to Earth very soon! Hasbro has revealed new details on some of its up and coming Transformers set for FanExpo. Looks like we have six new transformers to add to our continued battle for Earth. The first announcement we have is two Generation Selects Transformers. First up we have Nightbird as seen […]

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Yeah We're Gonna Need ALL of Beeline Creative's Geeki Tikis at Star Wars Celebration

That moment you realize you need a bigger shelf to display ALL of Beeline Creative's Star Wars-themed Geeki Tikis offerings, and possibly a bigger suitcase to bring things home from Star Wars Celebration Chicago because of them. Seriously though, the Celebration exclusives this year are just too perfect, and we can't decide which thing we […]


Exclusive Clip of Sci-Fi Thriller 'Occupation': The Fight Continues

Occupation is the latest upcoming outing from Australian writer/director Luke Sparke (Red Billabong). If you think Red Dawn, but with aliens rather than Soviets and Cubans as the invaders, you won't be far off the mark. A group of town residents band together to fight back against an alien invasion. Turning to hit-and-run tactics rather […]


You're Wrong About The Future: Exclusive Scene From Roddenberry's New Film Instant

Roddenberry Entertainment, a name synonymous with science fiction,  will be releasing their latest short film Instant following their San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) panel on Thursday July 19, 2018 1:30pm – 2:30pm in Room 24ABC.  The company was awesome enough to let us share an exclusive clip with our readers ahead of next week's panel. An intimate 22-minute […]

The Domestics

Tyler Hoechlin Goes Mad Max in Exclusive Clip from 'The Domestics'

Mike P. Nelson's feature debut as a writer/director The Domestics jumps into the deep end of the post-apocalyptic pool with a cross-country trek that is equal parts Mad Max and The Warriors, with an atmospheric setting not unlike The Walking Dead. The film stars two Superman-affiliated alums as a married couple — Kate Bosworth (who played Lois Lane in Superman Returns) […]

Wonder Woman Gets A New Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Wonder Woman has a new statue on the way from Prime 1 Studios. The New 52 version of Diana will come in two versions- a regular edition for $699 and a $729 limited to 500 pieces that will come with an alternate face portrait, and swappable hands with her holding axes. Both versions are quite […]

jinx pax 2018 hoodie

Jinx Announces New Gamer Hoodie Available Only at PAX East

If you're looking at getting some exclusive items from PAX East, we're now getting some items that might be on the table for convention-goers. The first big item to come across our desk is this exclusive hoodie from Jinx that will only be available in Boston. The hoodie looks like your standard kind of esports […]

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy Signs Exclusive Multi-Year Deal with Netflix

In what many are calling one of the largest creative contracts in television ever, Emmy, Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning producer/director/writer Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story, Pose) has signed an overall agreement with Netflix that could end up being valued as high as $300 million. With a five-year deal set to begin July 1st, Ryan […]

Gamestop, ThinkGeek Get Two New Marvel Gallery Statues From Diamond Select

Gamestop and ThinkGeek is getting two new Marvel Gallery statue exclusives from Diamond Select Toys. Both are variants of existing statues. Red Hulk and Gwenpool are getting the spotlight. First we will look at the Red Hulk. Gamestop and ThinkGeek Marvel Gallery Red Hulk Statue Marvel Gallery Red Hulk Figure Officially-licensed Marvel merchandise A ThinkGeek/GameStop […]

8 Exclusive Retailer Variants For September – Including Marvel Legacy #1

Seven used to be the magic number when it comes to Marvel Comics and exclusive retailer variants. But for September, retailers now have eight opportunities to get their very own exclusive cover to a Marvel comic book, and all they have to do is order 3000 copies of it and pay the artist. The big one […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming Spidey Suit Drone Is Coming To Skies Near You

One of the more intriguing parts of the new Spidey suit in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film is the fact that he can pop off the symbol on the front of the suit and use it as a drone to see his surroundings. Like, say, a spider-sense… Anyway, classic Spidey fan in me aside, it […]

Another Seven Marvel Comics Get Exclusive Retailer Variant Covers For August

For a while, Marvel Comics made nine of their titles available every month for retailers to commission exclusive variant covers. Then they shrunk it to five a month for a few months. Well for August they have split the difference and have gone with seven. Including five of the Generations comics… GENERATIONS: BANNER HULK & […]