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Exclusive Extended Previews Of James Bond, Evil Ernie: Godeater And Classic BSG

This weeks of exclusive extended previews from Dynamite features the first of the new Battlestar Galactica (Classic) series by Cullen Bunn and Alex Sanchez, the new Evil Ernie: Godeater by Justin Jordan and Colton Worley and Warren Ellis and Jason Masters continue on their second James Bond arc. Battlestar Galactica (Classic) #1 writer: Cullen Bunn […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite’s Horror Titles Shipping October 2016

And we have some more of Dynamite’s covers and solicitations for October 2016. This is an exclusive first look at their Horror titles including trades for Army of Darkness: Furious Road and The Complete Raise the Dead as well as individual issues of Evil Ernie: Godeater and The Great Divide. ARMY OF DARKNESS: FURIOUS ROAD […]

Justin Jordan On Making A Hero Out Of Evil Ernie

Justin Jodan makes his first foray into the world of Chaos! Comics and for Dynamite Entertainment in the new series, Evil Ernie: Godeater. The new series puts Ernie in a role he’s never had to play before… hero. Cover art by Lucio Parillo. BYRON BREWER: First, Justin, Evil Ernie: Godeater #1 is your Dynamite Entertainment […]

Justin Jordan Gets Evil With Evil Ernie: Godeater

Every once in a while you hear of a creator getting onto a project that just seems right. I think that’s the case with Justin Jordan (The Strange Case of Luther Strode, Green Lantern: New Guardians) taking on Evil Ernie as the character celebrates his 25th Anniversary. Jordan will be teaming up with Colton Worley (Project […]

Dynamite Launch Smiley The Psychotic Button Emojis

    I suppose if any Dynamite character was suitable for Emojis, it would be Evil Ernie’s sentient badge, Smiley The Psychotic Button. And it’s been used to launch a new service with Swyft Media to sell Dynamite-based emoji to  help fans further express themselves via branded digital stickers, photo filters, and phone themes. The […]

22 Page Preview Of Evil Ernie Vol 2 TPB

We have a 22-page preview for Dynamite’s Evil Ernie Vol 2 TPB that ships this week. The series was written by Tim Seeley and his brother Steve Seeley with art by Rafael Lanhellas. Teen psychopath Evil Ernie is dead, resigned to Hell where he belongs. But when reality is threatened by a force that even […]

Tim Seeley Brings Alice Cooper And Evil Ernie Together For Dynamite

A horror icon goes up against a rock icon this September from Dynamite Entertainment. A new five-issue miniseries, Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos!, brings together writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Jim Terry (The Crow: Skinning the Wolves) who will be co-writing and providing the art. Joyce Chin is on board for covers. Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! […]

Help Save Artist Tommy Castillo’s Vision

One of the coolest nights of my life was a dinner one night after the Wizard World Dallas show. A group of us went to a BBQ place and Joe Jusko introduced us to Blue Moon which he bought the first round and we sat at this huge table talking comics and art with Michael […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Evil Ernie, Alice Cooper, Vampirella And More

We have exclusive extended previews of Dynamite’s latest books to hit the comic shops. Evil Ernie #3, Battlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo #2, Alice Cooper #5, Doodle Jump #5 and the oversized Vampirella #100. Evil Ernie #3 Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley (w) Raphael Lanhellas (a) Tim Seeley, Ardian Syaf, Joyce Chin (c) Ernie and Smiley […]

Joyce Chin’s Process Art For Dynamite Covers

Joyce Chin is one of the top cover artists for Dynamite Entertainment and has been cranking out amazing covers for Lady Death, Purgatori, Evil Ernie and Vampirella among others. On her Facebook page she shows some of the sketches, inks, etc that go into her art. Here are some of the more recent pieces she […]

Dynamite’s Chaos Comics Coming In February

Here we have a first look at the covers and solicitations for Dynamite’s Chaos Comics line due out in February. This includes the first trade paperback from the line, Chaos by Tim Seeley and Mikra Andolfo. CHAOS Trade Paperback Cover: J. Scott Campbell Writer: Tim Seeley Art: Mirka Andolfo Page Count: 152+ The horror “heroes” of Chaos! […]

New Evil Ernie Covers From Ken Haeser And Andrew Mangum

We have some new retailer incentive covers for Evil Ernie #2, Vampirella: Feary Tales #2 and Red Sonja: The Black Tower #3. The Red Sonja and Vampirella covers are variations on Amanda Conner and Art Adams. The Evil Ernie covers are new ones by Andrew Mangum and Ken Haeser. FOC Incentive B: For any retailer […]

Exclusive First Look A The Chaos Comics Books For January From Dynamite

Here we have an exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations for the Chaos Comic line from Dynamite Entertainment for the month of January. Here we have the debut of the Smiley the Psychotic Button one-shot while Evil Ernie, Lady Demon and Purgatori continue on. CHAOS: SMILEY THE PSYCHOTIC BUTTON Cover: Mirka Andolfo Writer: […]