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CCP Games and Hadean Reveal "EVE Online" Aether Wars: Phase Two

CCP Games and Hadean Reveal “EVE Online” Aether Wars: Phase Two

It looks like EVE Online players aren’t going to get their wish about the random attacks as the devs have introduced “Aether Wars: Phase Two”. For weeks they’ve been dealing with random attacks from an alien force and have been losing countless resources in the process, spinning the game into chaos and having players threaten […]

"EVE Online" Players Taken Off-Guard By Surprise Alien Attack

“EVE Online” Players Taken Off-Guard By Surprise Alien Attack

Wanna know how to stir things up for your players? Surprise them often! Which is what EVE Online did this week with an alien invasion that caught everyone off-guard. PC Gamer was the first to report on the surprise event and has been keeping pretty good tabs on what the hell is going on as […]

EVE Online Celebrates The Invasion with a New Trailer

EVE Online Celebrates The Invasion with a New Trailer

CCP Games has unleashed EVE Online: Invasion, the newest expansion for the free-to-play spaceship MMO. EVE Online: Invasion provides players the first chapter in the Triglavian story, plunging New Eden into chaos, as this inscrutable adversary begins its offensive. Capsuleers will be challenged to meet the threat head on, facing fleets of enemy ships, escalating consequences and […]

EVE Online Invasion Receives a New Cinematic Trailer

CCP Games have released a new EVE Online trailer giving us a new cinematic view of the upcoming free Invasion expansion on May 28th. The update will have you battling in your own territory against the Triglavians, who are basically just here to lay waste to everything that isn’t theirs and take over your star […]

CCP Games Announces "Invasion" Expansion for EVE Online

CCP Games Announces “Invasion” Expansion for EVE Online

CCP Games has announced the latest expansion for free-to-play scifi MMO EVE Online. EVE Online: Invasion will bring an adversary to the space of New Eden for the first time when Capsuleers are challenged to meet the mysterious Triglavian race head on. The expansion will come with new enemy ships, new rewards, and a new dimension to […]

CCP Games Removes EVE Online Ban From Republican Politician

EVE Online developer CCP Games issued a ban against Brian Schoeneman earlier this month for breach of contract. Schoeneman is a real-world politician and was elected to office on EVE‘s in-game advisory council in part due to his political experience outside of the game. CCP Games has since issued a retraction after investigating claims that Schoeneman (known […]

The 2019 EVE Online World Tour is Stopping in Russia Next

The 2019 EVE Online World Tour is Stopping in Russia Next

CCP Games has revealed new information on the next stop in the EVE Online Invasion World Tour stop in St. Petersburg, Russia. On May 4, EVE Russia will be the biggest gathering of Russian EVE Online players, in St. Petersburg at the Akakao. It’s not too late for capsuleers to attend the show, as local fans can purchase […]

Tickets are On Sale Now for EVE Online’s Vegas Con

Tickets are On Sale Now for EVE Online’s Vegas Con

CCP Games, the creators of EVE Online, announced today that tickets are now on sale for EVE Vegas, the only U.S. stop on the EVE Invasion World Tour. The convention will be hosted by the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on October 25-27, 2019. Tickets can be purchased right now via Eventbrite. The EVE Invasion World […]

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After 10 Years, EVE Online Player has Visited Every Star System in the Game

Saying EVE Online is a massive game is something of an understatement. For most players, the thought of visiting every star system in the massive sci-fi MMO is absurd. However, a single EVE player has finally made it to each of the game’s 7,805 star systems. And it only took them 10 years. Kotaku broke the […]

The Guardian’s Gala Event Returns to EVE Online Today

CCP Games is bringing the Guardian’s Gala back to EVE Online today, so players can fight against the pirates of New Eden to earn exclusive rewards. Last year, the Guardian’s Gala was attacked by opportunistic capsuleers like always. This year, the Angel Cartel is more prepared than ever to head off the inevitable pirate assault, with both […]

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Bleeding Cool’s Best in Gaming 2018: Best MMO

Massively Multiplayer Online games come in many forms, but this year we stuck mostly to MMORPGs. Because there are just too many. Which isn’t to say that other MMO games aren’t worth the recognition, but when we thought of the best MMOs of 2018, we came up with a list of the most popular MMORPGs, […]

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CCP Games Will Unveil New EVE Online Conventions Tomorrow

Developer CCP Games announced that the dates for the 2019 EVE World Tour will be unveiled in a special live-streamed press conference tomorrow. You can catch the announcement on the official EVE Online Facebook page tomorrow at 11 am ET. Details for the stream time and location are below: WHAT: CCP Games will announce the dates for its upcoming world […]

Christmas is Coming to EVE Online with the Permafrost Event

The latest update to EVE Online brings players new and exciting challenges, visuals, and rewards with Operation Permafrost. This event comes hot on the heels of the most recent update to EVE Online, which introduced two new Triglavian ships, auroras on planets and the first in a series of improvements to the War Declaration system. According to […]

CCP Games Hints at Possible Dust 514 Sequel

CCP Games has sent out emails to those with Dust 514 accounts asking them to claim their Dust 514 name and veteran rewards, which will be carried over to a new shooter being made by the company. That first person shooter is currently going by Project Nova, and is being headed by the former Dust 514 team. Project Nova […]

Rogue Drone Swarms are Returning to EVE Online

CCP Games has announced that, starting today, Rogue Drones are returning to EVE Online with an update to the Rogue Swarm Event. The event will run until October 1st, 2018 and will feature brand new content. Players will be able to engage in a new experience to combat the continuing advance and infestation of the Rogue […]

Pearl Abyss to Acquire EVE Online Creators CCP Games

Some rather interesting news when it comes to gaming acquisitions as Pearl Abyss is set to take over CCP Games. The company sent out a press release this morning, letting investors, media, and fans of the EVE Online franchise know that CCP will continue to operate under their current plans, but will slowly integrate Pearl Abyss’s […]

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EVE Online’s Arms Race Update is Live, as is the Grand Prix

CCP Games has launched the Arms Race update for EVE Online, which introduces greater accessibility and variety for players with free-to-play accounts. Alpha Clones were introduced in last year’s Ascension update and enable players to permanently join EVE Online without having to pay for the pleasure. In order to close the gap between paid and free players, CCP Games […]

Eve Online is Adding a New PVE Expansion Tomorrow

Eve Online’s newest expansion, Into the Abyss, is focused on PVE content and is set to release tomorrow. The expansion adds a new alien race that inhabits the uncharted Abyssal Deadspace along with a host of new features. To explain all the new content, CCP Games has released two trailers for the expansion today, one […]

EVE Online Celebrates 15 Years of Capsuleers with Operation: Conscious Interruption

From today through May 15, EVE Online is celebrating 15 years of the Capsuleer Age in the new Operation: Conscious Interruption event while defending against The Drifter threat. Players can engage in a variety of play types intended for all levels of Capsuleer by defending the Society of Conscious Thought facilities from attacking Drifters and receive the […]

Bleeding Cool Game Awards 2017: Best MMO

For Bleeding Cool’s Best MMO of 2017, our three esteemed games judges were asked to weigh in on the most popular MMOs to determine which was the absolute best Massively Multiplayer Online Game of the year. The competition included major fan favorites like World of Warcraft, Warframe, and Grand Theft Auto Online, but what is perhaps […]