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Ernie Cline’s ‘Armada’ Gets First Draft Script by Dan Mazeau

With the number one film at the world box office based on his first book Ready Player One, author Ernie Cline is riding high right now. Also, he just celebrated his birthday on Sunday — happiest of natal days, buddy! Perhaps you’ve heard the chatter about a RP1 sequel being in the works — this isn’t news, […]

Did ‘Ready Player One’ Hype Translate to Box Office Success?

[Editor’s Note: This ‘Ready Player One’ piece comes to us from Bleeding Cool contributor Dana Han-Klein of The DHK who takes a look at the pre-theatrical release hype at WonderCon and how it showed at the weekend box office results.] Well the world has now seen Steven Spielberg’s interpretation of Ready Player One and the big question is did […]

Book Review: Ready Player One is a Love Letter to the ’80s

Ready Player One is a love letter to the ’80s, as writ by Ernest Cline. Behold: near every cultural product of the ’80s, referenced with care, as told by someone who grew up during that period. This, too, was a part of my childhood; but whereas I was a passive consumer of culture as a […]

Watch: ‘Ready Player One’ Author Ernie Cline Thanks Fans in New Video

Six years ago, I somehow managed to nab an in-person interview with author Ernie Cline during a San Francisco stop on his book tour. Maybe you’ve heard of it, a little thing called Ready Player One. Ernie was doing the cross-country tour in his vintage vehicle of choice (also that of “RP1” main character Parzival), a […]

These ‘Ready Player One’ Reimagined Classic Movie Posters Are AMAZING

Finally it seems like Warner Brothers is moving forward at a clippin pace to bring more Ready Player One movie goodness to the public before the film opens at the end of the month.  If you’re at all familiar with the premise of Ernie Cline’s book, then you know the importance of classic 80s films on […]

Ready Player One ‘The Stacks: Songs From The OASIS’ Album Hits iTunes

Calling all Gunters and 6’ers- ok maybe not the latter because DOWN WITH IOI-  climb aboard the Ready Player One hype train.  Today, Brash Tracks released a collection of covers of notable songs mentioned in the novel “Ready Player One”, and a new original songs as well. Brash Tracks’ Brian McKinney has said 50% of all proceeds from […]

Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg and Ernie Cline Talk Ready Player One, Plus NEW FOOTAGE

March 2018 can’t get here soon enough, because that’s when we get Ready Player One from Warner Bros. Director Steven Spielberg was the perfect choice to put Ernest Cline‘s novel on the silver screen, the prevalence of his filmography being integral parts of the story notwithstanding. In a new video posted today on the official RP1 twitter, we […]


Exclusive Extended Previews – Art of Atari Signed Edition

The first time I learned what a tip in sheet was, I was talking to Steve Niles. He had just signed a bunch that he then had to send to Australia so that Ben Templesmith could sign as well. These were first the first 30 Days of Night trade. For those that don’t know, a […]

New Ready Player One Trailer Is a Basket of Easter Eggs for Fans

This morning fans of Ready Player One were treated to a brand-new trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation by Steven Spielberg of Ernest Cline‘s novel for Warner Bros. The trailer is brilliant, calming some of my more troubling fears that the changes from book-to-screen were going to be too much, take too much away from the magic […]

Ready Player One livestream

Watch: Livestream with Ernest Cline and New Ready Player One Trailer

In a tweet posted yesterday, the official Ready Player One film account let fans know something is coming on Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. PST. Specifically, that a special event with the author of Ready Player One would be a livestream, and that means we’ll probably get to see the new trailer, too. So, without further […]

4 New Images Surface For “Ready Player One” Ahead of New Trailer

One of *my* personal most anticipated movies of 2018, Ready Player One is gearing up to drop a new trailer this Sunday.  That news was shared yesterday, author of the source material novel “Ready Player One” Ernest Cline tweeting about the premiere of a second trailer at the flagship Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin Texas.  It’ll […]

Art of Atari

The Perfect Early Holiday Gift Idea For Classic Game Lovers: The Art Of Atari

Dynamite has a new Indiegogo campaign for their upcoming The Art of Atari comprehensive retrospective book. The 350-page tome will cover the more than 30-year history of the video game company through production and concept art, photos, and marketing materials. There will also be interviews with various key people involved with the creation of some […]

Art Of Atari – A Hardcover Trip Down Video Game Memory Lane

A few weeks back I unboxed my Art of Atari book from Dynamite Entertainment. In doing so I showed off a few pages, but didn’t really get a chance to review the book. I’m going to do that now. This book is for the kid who opened up an Atari 2600 on Christmas morning and […]

Unboxing The Art Of Atari – An Amazing Trip Down Memory Lane

I got a large box in the mail this weekend… and it contained the new Art of Atari book from Dynamite Entertainment. Since it came in a box, I did an unboxing video and showed off a few of the interior pages. The book is by Tim Lapetino with a forward by Ready Player One […]

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One Begins Filming In Birmingham

By Olly MacNamee With its mix of crumbling industrial warehouses and modern sky high tower blocks, Birmingham offers the perfect vista for Steven Spielberg‘s adaption of the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. This week saw the start of cameras rolling around the streets of Digbeth in the heart of the city’s old industrial […]

The Art Of Atari Announced

At Emerald City Comic Con publisher Dynamite Entertainment has announced that they will be publishing The Art of Atari. The hardcover collection is going to be over 350 pages, collecting production and concept artwork, photos and marketing materials. The book will also feature a forward by Ready Player One author Ernest Cline. From the arcade to […]

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One Moves To March 2018

Clearing yet more room for Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga is Steven Spielberg‘s adaptation of Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One. Variety reports the film, originally schedule to debut alongside the currently untitled Star Wars sequel, will now debut on March 30th, 2018. Star Wars‘s December 15th, 2017 date was itself a shift away […]

Steven Spielberg To Direct Ready Player One

If you got February’s Lootcrate or are one of the many many folks who purchased Ernest Cline’s hit sci-fi novel, Ready Player One, then you are probably geeked at the idea that Steven Spielberg is going to direct the film adaptation of the novel. In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only […]