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Writer's Commentary – Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder Worldscape: Warlord of Mars

Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary, this one for a one-shot Pathfinder Worldscape: Warlord of Mars by Erik Mona. Cover and interiors by Roberto Castro. * * * * * Here's a look inside my head and some of the thinking that went into my script for the Pathfinder Worldscape: Warlord of Mars one-shot. […]

Pathfinder Worldscape: Red Sonja #1 cover by Roberto Castro and Mohan

Pathfinder Worldscape Red Sonja #1 Review: Wordy but Fun

Red Sonja, King Rex, and Cave Girl ride out to find the Eye of Issus before the Holy Thern Death Cult only to find that the Therns have already reached the location of the Eye. This leaves our three heroes to find more creative means of reaching the Eye of Issus. Can they grab the […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Pathfinder: Origins #1 By Erik Mona And Tom Garcia

We've got a free comic book to share with our readers today. This one comes from Dynamite Entertainment and is to help promote their Sword and Sorcery sale going on over at comiXology. The sale is a bundle that includes Pathfinder, Wheel of Time and Path of Exile comics. The bundle is 28 books for […]

Writer's Commentary – Erik Mona On Pathfinder: Worldscape #6

Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary featuring Erik Mona talking about Pathfinder: Worldscape #6. Cover by Elliot Fernandez and interiors by Jonathan Lau. Pathfinder Worldscape, Dynamite's spectacular sword-and-sorcery superstar crossover, wraps up this week with Red Sonja, John Carter, the Pathfinders, and a host of jungle-themed comics heroes squaring off against the arch-wizard Kulan […]

Writer's Commentary – Eric Mona Talks Pathfinder WorldScape #5

Dynamite has sent us a Writer's Commentary by Erik Mona covering Pathfinder Worldscape #5, on sale now. Cover by Raymund Bermudez, and interiors by Jonathan Lau. Pathfinder Worldscape #5 is on comic stands now, bringing Red Sonja, John Carter, and Tars Tarkas together to take the battle to the immortal empress Camilla and the legendary sorcerer Kulan […]

Writer's Commentary – Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder: Worldscape #3

Dynamite has sent over a new Writer's Commentary from Erik Mona for Pathfinder: Worldscape #3. The cover art is by Reilly Brown and interiors by Jonathan Lau. Pathfinder Worldscape #3, the third issue in Dynamite's sword & sorcery crossover event, is on newsstands now. In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it would be […]

Writer's Commentary – Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder: Worldscape #2

A Writer's Commentary: Erik Mona talks Pathfinder Worldscape #2, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Reilly Brown and interiors by Jonathan Lau. Pathfinder Worldscape #2, the second issue in Dynamite's sword & sorcery superstar crossover series, is on newsstands now, providing me the perfect opportunity to crack open my skull and share secrets, hidden […]

Writer's Commentary: Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder Worldscape #1

A Writer's Commentary: Erik Mona talks Pathfinder Worldscape #1, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Reilly Brown, interiors by Jonathan Lau. I first started chatting with Dynamite about crossing over all of their amazing sword & sorcery and pulp fantasy characters with the heroes of the Pathfinder RPG way back in 2013, and in many […]

Pathfinder Meets Hyboria, Barsoom, Golarion And More

Erik Mona talks Pathfinder: Worldscape, which combines the Pathfinder world with the sword and sorcery characters from the Dynoverse. Issue one is on sale in October from Dynamite. Covers by Reilly Brown, Ben Caldwell, Sean Izaakse, and Tom Mandrake. BYRON BREWER: Erik, tell us how this multi-franchise book came into being. It reminds me a little […]

Erik Mona Takes The Pathfinder Heroes To Their Natural Environment… A Dungeon

Rik Hoskin, writer of Frankenstein: Storm Surge # 5, talks with writer Erik Mona about Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #4, both on sale now from Dynamite. Cover is by Jeremy Saliba. Interiors by Tom Garcia and Mohan. RIK HOSKIN: Pathfinder is based on the roleplaying game of the same name. How did you decide which aspects of […]

Erik Mona Talks Putting The Pathfinders Into Their Natural Environment

Writer Erik Mona talks with Byron Brewer about Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #3, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover art by James Boyle and Carlos Gomez. BYRON BREWER: Erik, how have you been enjoying creating this latest Pathfinder adventure, Hollow Mountain? ERIK MONA: It's been great! Hollow Mountain tosses the Pathfinders into their natural environment—the dungeon! […]

Pathfinder Characters Tell Their Solo Tales In Origins Trade

The characters of the Pathfinder table top game franchise delve into their own pasts with Origins, the fourth volume from Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo. Here Valeros, Kyra, Seoni, Sijan, Harsk and Ezren tell solo tales from their previous adventures. And we have the first chapter / issue from the trade here for you to read. […]

Erik Mona Reveals His Favorite Character In Pathfinder: The Hollow Mountain

Dynamite and Paizo's collaboration continues with Pathfinder: The Hollow Mountain. Byron Brewer chatted with Erik Mona about the success of the Pathfinder property across various media as well as his own personal favorite character. Cover by Sebastian Cichon. BYRON BREWER: Erik, Pathfinder has proven popular across media. What is it about these characters and this […]

A Look Inside Pathfinder: Origins Art By Tom Garcia

Here we have a look inside at some of the black and white art for Dynamite's upcoming series Pathfinder: Origins. The six-part series kicked off yesterday and is written by Erik Mona and drawn by Tom Garcia. This is the fourth comic series based on the popular roleplaying game as it follows the most recent […]

Erik Mona, Pathfinder's Publisher, Talks New Origins Series

With Dynamite getting ready to do Pathfinder: Origins, a new six-part miniseries, Byron Brewer caught up with Erik Mona the publisher of the Pathfinder game to talk about the Dynamite comics and the future of the property. Byron Brewer: As Pathfinder's publisher, Erik, you have a unique insight into the property. What is your opinion of Pathfinder's […]

Dynamite And Paizo Publishing Reveal Pathfinder Origins

By Christopher Helton Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Publishing have announced a new miniseries of Pathfinder comics to be published by Dynamite. Called Pathfinder Origins, this six issue miniseries will explore the characters of the Pathfinder Comic and introduce one of the iconic characters of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to the fans of the comics. This […]