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Epic Games Store Announces Eight New Exclusives At PAX West 2019

Epic Games may not have a booth this year, but that didn’t stop them from making a big announcement at PAX West for the Epic Games Store. The company announced eight games would be coming to the platform as exclusive titles. Those eight are Ooblets, No Straight Roads, Manifold Garden, Superliminal, Wattam, The Alto Collection, […]

Bigben Interactive Announces Three Epic Games Store Exclusives

Bigben Interactive Announces Three Epic Games Store Exclusives

Prior to PAX West, Bigben Interactive have announced three of their games will be coming to the Epic Games Store as exclusives. Those three games are WRC 8 set for release on September 5th, Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory which is coming on October 3rd, and Bee Simulator which will arrive on November 14th. You can read more […]

Epic Games Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over “Fortnite” Accounts

Epic Games has a new court date on their hands as a class-action lawsuit has been filed against them over hacked Fortnite accounts. The entire ordeal started back in January 2019, when a bug inside the game exposed account information to millions of players. This included personal information like billing info and contact forms. The […]

Epic Games Store Can Now Do Cloud Saves For Specific Games

While the Epic Games Store is buying up games to serve as competition to Steam, the developers are trying to upgrade the system to be at the same level as the platform. If you’ve been following their progress at all, you’ll know that they’ve made some promises of things they were going to add and […]

“MechWarrior 5” Delayed And Now Exclusive To Epic Games Store

Well, that won’t make a lot of people happy, as Piranha Games has decided to make MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries an Epic Games Store exclusive. What’s more, the company has now pushed the game back again to be released on December 10th, 2019. The company issued the statement below letting players know how they could obtain […]

“Tetris Effect” Will Be Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week

Some interesting news out of the blue this morning as Tetris Effect will be coming to PC next week, specifically for the Epic Games Store. Originally earmarked as a PS4 exclusive last year, it looks like Epic Games decided to pay Enhance Games a ton of cash to move to a second platform and become […]

Rebellion Threw Us Into "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" At E3 2019

Epic Games Store Paid A Lot To Make “Zombie Army 4” Exclusive

Everybody’s got a price, and apparently, Epic Games was able to find the amount Rebellion Developments needed to make Zombie Army 4: Dead War exclusive. Previous to last week, the developers said they would need a good reason to make the PC version an exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Well, money is a really […]

"Overcooked" Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

“Overcooked” Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

Some cool news this week for Overcooked fans as the original game is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. The game from Team17 was an indie hit when it first came out and kept people excited as multiplayer brought back the fun of four-player mayhem. And while many are focused on the […]

The Epic Games Store Made "Last Day Of June" Free Until July 4th

The Epic Games Store Made “Last Day Of June” Free Until July 4th

In a small piece of fun and summer irony, the Epic Games Store has made Last Day Of June available to download totally free starting today. This is a fun little game developed by Ovosonico and published by 505 Games back in 2017, where you play the role of Carl doing everything he can to […]

Human Head Studios Announces Rune II Coming in Summer 2019

“Rune 2” Releases a Loki’s Ages of Ragnarok Trailer

This morning, Human Head Studios released a brand new trailer for Rune 2, this time focusing on the wrath of Loki and his tricks upon the land. Along with getting some more gameplay footage out of this video, we learn about the Age of Frost and what it’s done to the land. We also get […]

Journey Is Coming To The Epic Games Store in June 2019

Journey Is Coming To The Epic Games Store in June 2019

Some cool news from That Gaming Company and Annapurna Interactive today as Journey will be making its way over to the Epic Games Store next month. The official date for the game is June 6th, but not only will it be released to a new audience, it’s getting an overhaul with 4K graphics, haunting music, and what the […]

Observation Receives a Launch Trailer Before Release on PS4 and EGS

Observation Receives a Launch Trailer Before Release on PS4 and EGS

If you’re into sci-fi thrillers, then you might want to check out the launch trailer for Devolver Digital’s latest game, Observation. Developed by No Code, this game has a very 2001: A Space Odyssey feel to it all, as you board a space station alone and attempt to figure out what happened to the crew […]

Borderlands 3 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Bloodlines 2 and Borderlands 3 Removed From the Epic Games Store

Not everybody appears to be on board with Epic Games’ sales that happened this week as two major upcoming titles have been pulled from their store. PC Gamer got the scoop over the weekend pointing out that both games had been removed in the middle of a giant site-wide sale, despite the fact that neither […]

The Epic Game Store is Hosting its First Ever Mega Sale

The Epic Game Store is Hosting its First Ever Mega Sale

Epic Games announced that it’s first ever Mega Sale is happening on the Epic Games Store right now. The sale will run from May 16th through June 13th with discounts of up to 75% on games. Major titles like Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, Bithell Games’ John Wick Hex, and even Annapurna’s Ashen are all on sale with […]

Close To The Sun Announces Release Date for Epic Games Store

Close To The Sun Announces Release Date for Epic Games Store

Wired Productions has just dropped a new trailer and information on their upcoming release of Close To The Sun for the Epic Games Store. The game will officially be released on May 2nd, as you go through an explorative first-person horror game in which you board a ship controlled by Nikola Tesla himself in an […]

Epic Games’ CEO Throws Shade at Steam Over “Crappy Games”

Another dagger was thrown at Steam from Epic Games this week from CEO Tim Sweeney as he took a shot at the company’s reputation for publishing poor games. The quotes below come from an interview Sweeney gave to PC Gamer, in which he talks more about the process for approving games and making deals with […]

RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures Now Exclusive to the Epic Games Store

The latest game to make their way to the Epic Games Store as an exclusive title is Atari’s RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures. The game was originally released for the Nintendo Switch late last year, and it appears Atari made the call to make the PC version exclusive rather than sell it on Steam or GOG. Here’s […]

Valve Will Be Investigating Epic Games Store’s Exploration of Steam Files

It appears there’s going to be a full-on war between Valve and Epic Games somewhere down the road, and this may be the second major shot to start it. Game Informer reported earlier today that the Epic Games Store has been taking a few extra files they shouldn’t be when you agree to a certain […]

Satisfactory Will Launch in Early Access on the Epic Games Store in March

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything about Satisfactory after we caught the game in passing last year and thought it looked really awesome. This week, Coffee Stain and Epic Games revealed that we would finally see the game come out this month as it will be an Early Access title for the Epic Games […]