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CatesWatch: The Paybacks, A New Superhero Comic From Dark Horse?

Donny Cates, an ex-Bleeding Cool writer, is a rising star in the comic book scene right now, with Dark Horse having published his recent superhero series Buzzkill, and with trucker conspiracy Ghost Fleet to come. And so now, since he’s moved on from Bleeding Cool, we get to gossip about him. I’ve heard a rumour […]

Stand Up At C2E2 For Eliot Rahal

Eliot Rahal writes for Bleeding Cool; Eliot Rahal here… co-creator/writer of Dark Horse’s newest, most drunken, private detective Hunter Quaid – Who is crash landing on shelves in Dark Horse Presents, May 22nd! Oh… Wait… So, you don’t know I am? Well, do you at least know my writing partner/emotional enabler Donny Cates?… No, not […]