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“Permanent Record”: US Government Sues Edward Snowden Over his Memoir

“Permanent Record”: US Government Sues Edward Snowden Over his Memoir

Permanent Record, Edward Snowden’s memoir came out today. It has gone on sale in 20 countries, including the US, UK, Germany and Canada. And just as quickly, the US government has filed a lawsuit against Snowden and his publisher MacMillan Books. Snowden was a contractor for the National Security Agency who leaked highly-classified secrets of […]

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“Permanent Record”: Edward Snowden Memoir Out in September – We Have Questions

On Thursday morning, Edward Snowden announced he wrote a book. Permanent Record will be published by Metropolitan Books, an imprint of MacMillan Publishing. It will be released in 20 countries on September 17th, including the US, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. Snowden was a contractor for the National Security Agency who leaked highly-classified secrets of […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Runs To Tell The Truth In Snowden Trailer

Open Road has released a trailer for Oliver Stone‘s upcoming Snowden. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Edward Snowden, the NSA consultant who learns of the agency’s massive — and illegal — surveillance program. Leaking the information, he became a wanted man in the United States and a polarizing figure. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlSAiI3xMh4[/youtube] Snowden opens on September 16th.

Captain America – On The Side Of Snowden And Manning This Time?

Back in 2011, I wrote a piece about he Steve Rogers Captain America being written by Nick Spencer as vehemently opposed to the allegoricalised actions of Julian Assange and the soldier then known as Bradley Manning.  He had lots of speeches to make.     But the Wikileaks allegory was clear. As was the Manning one. […]

Coming From Valerie D’Orazio – Edward Snowden, The Joker And A Marx Sister

I’ve been a fan of Valerie D’Orazio‘s writing since the days of her Occasional Superheroine blog. It wasn’t that it was just a vicious attack on the underbelly of comic books, calling out extreme sexism and sexual harassment long before such a thing was de rigeur. It was that the articles were just so well written, combining […]

In The DC Universe, Edward Snowden Would Be Exposing Batman

What is it with Batman? When he’s not storing ways to defeat all the other member of the Justice League… Or spying on his so-called best friend copping a feel… And now, e’s found a way to hack the Justice League communicators so they are always on, from today’s beautiful Batman/Superman Annual #1. Which is […]

Edward Snowden’s Address To The British Public On Channel 4

Edward Snowden addressed the British public earlier today on Channel 4 as part of their Alternative Christmas Message, and recorded in Russia earlier in the year. It’s the first time he’s spoken on television since the balloon went up. Addressing the camera, with a tinny microphone voice, backed by blue curtains, he said; Hi and […]

Edward Snowden To Deliver Alternative Christmas Message On Channel 4 Tomorrow

The Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day is a long standing British tradition, in which the reigning monarch addresses their subjects, first by radio and now by television as well. Not quite as long standing, but still pretty traditional now is the Alternative Christmas Message on Channel 4, scheduled against the Queen for the last twenty […]

Valerie D’Orazio To Write Biography Of Edward Snowden

Around ten years ago, Valerie D’Orazio was at the centre of controversy, after her essay Goodbye To Comics, in which she analysed an industry and culture that seemed to be on the brink of killing her, as well as alleging serious sexual assault by a senior editor at DC comics! where she worked. Over the […]