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The Clairvoyance of Dylan Brock? (Venom #22 Major Spoilers)

In Incoming #1, we saw Dylan Brock's dreams of an oncoming future… With Knull, god of the symbiotes, the King In Black. But what kind of vision was this? One that saw the future (and today's Amazing Spider-Man is having enough problems with that) or seeing something far away that is just on its way […]

Venom #22

Tomorrow's Venom #22 Is Really Going To Change Things – Again

Last year, Bleeding Cool reported that Donny Cates was promoting Venom #22, out tomorrow, as something that would change things. I'm so happy you all like the start of Venom Island in issue 21 but I NEED you to understand something… Issue 22 is the craziest issue of Venom I've ever written. It's horrifying. And […]

A New Origin For Cletus Kasaday in Today's Absolute Carnage #3 (Spoilers)

A New Origin Twist For Cletus Kasady in Today's Absolute Carnage #3 (Spoilers)

Cletus Kasady, created by David Michelinie and Erik Larsen, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #344 and became the first and most well-known host of the Carnage symbiote, spawn of Venom. Portrayed by Woody Harrelson in the Venom movie, Kasady's origin story has been getting some updates of late, and today's Absolute Carnage #3 takes that […]

Hot Toys Celebrates 80th Marvel Anniversary With Venom

Hot Toys Celebrates 80th Marvel Anniversary With Venom Figure

Venom is easily one of Spider-Man's greatest threats. With Marvels 80th Anniversary this year, it is no surprise that he is getting some special treatment for the big event. Hot Toys teams up with INSTINCTOY to showcase an amazing figure to show off the Lethal Protector himself. This Venom here shows off a more bulky […]

Diamond Select Toys Disney Store Exclusive Venom 2

Venom Disney Store Exclusive Diamond Select Figure Now Available

Venom fans have been spoiled rotten this year, and now collectors have yet another figure to get. This new Disney Store exclusive Diamond Select Toys figure of Venom is available to order now, and includes three pairs of hands and three different heads. It also includes an insane back piece with spider-legs and tendrils. This […]

VENOM: Blu-ray and Digital OFFICIAL (Rom-com) TRAILER

Sony Reimagines 'Venom' as RomCom in Trailer for Home Release

Despite lackluster United States reviews and reception, Sony's Venom just passed $800 million at the worldwide box office. It's also coming to digital and physical (blu-ray, DVD) release next month, prompting a newly-cut trailer release from the studio, reimagining the anti-hero Spider-Verse character's film as a holiday romantic comedy. We've got to admit, it's a good […]

Mondo Venom Poster 1

Mondo Unleashes New Venom Posters and Pins Friday

Venom opens tonight in theaters everywhere (check out our review here), and to help celebrate tomorrow, Mondo will be releasing two new posters by artists Matt Ryan Tobin. The regular edition will cost $50 and is limited to 300 pieces, while the variant will run you $75 and is limited to just 150. Also available […]

MAFEX Venom Figure 1

Venom Gets a MAFEX Figure Release in 2019

Venom is getting a classic look MAFEX figure from Medicom Toy in summer 2019. The highly articulated meanie has a Todd McFarlane vibe to him, and that is a good thing. He will come with three sets of hands, swappable magnetic feet, three web strands, and three different heads, including a Eddie Brock head. They […]

Venom: First Host #1 cover by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, and Dono Sanchez-Almara

Venom: First Host #1 Advance Review – Fleshing Out Venom's History

We travel back to when the Venom symbiote was first discovered and taken from its planet. Later, we find its first host caught in a war between two alien species (not spoiling who here). Finally, we return to the present, where Venom as Eddie Brock is stopping a robbery. He then returns to Alchemax to […]

Venom #5 cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin

Venom #5 Review: Venom Has Wings Now!

Venom and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) are in free fall. Spider-Man freed himself and Eddie from Knull, but he's out of web and without a means of slowing their descent. Somehow, Eddie's symbiote sprouts wings, leaves Miles on a rooftop, and Venom has a very confused conversation with himself. The symbiote reveals how it gained this […]

Venom #4 cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin

Venom #4 Review: The Origins of Knull and the Symbiotes

Knull explains his history and the history of his creations tracking back to the beginning of time. Knull was born in the darkness of space, and he waged war against the early Celestials. He killed many, and he created they symbiotes, initially, as weapons. When he was finally defeated on his first excursion to Earth, […]

Venom #3 cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin

Venom #3 Review: Gold Standard for Creature Feature

Eddie Brock finds himself no longer in control of Venom and in the process of attacking Spider-Man Miles Morales. With the help of Spider-Man, Eddie gains control of Venom once again. He and Miles agree to a truce so that they can take on the Symbiote Dragon ravaging New York City. Venom #3 sets a […]

Venom #2 cover by Ryan Stegman and Frank Martin

Venom #2 Review: Staring into the Inky Black Face of God

Venom has barely survived his first experience with this new symbiote monster — and only because the symbiote was able to graft his wounds. He returns to Rex, and the old war dog explains how he came to be grafted to his own symbiote in years past. As they're talking, the "Symbiote Dragon" attacks New […]

Venom #1 cover by Ryan Stegman

Venom #1 Review: Fresh and Familiar in All the Right Ways

Eddie Brock and Venom have begun having nightmares of a symbiote attacking Norse warriors from a long time ago. Eddie has begun taking anti-psychotics to suppress Venom's voice, as the creature has become more violent as of late. The two go out to take pictures from the arrest of a costumed criminal, but Venom gets […]

Venom #165 cover by Ryan Stegman and Morry Hollowell

Venom #165 Review: I Wanna See a Recreation of this Nativity Scene

Venom has been taken Dixon and her task force. They want to handle the symbiote's upcoming offspring, and they've enlisted the Scorpion to help them do it. Thankfully, Spider Woman is here to save the day, and she and Venom are intent on keeping the likes of the Scorpion away from the symbiote and its […]

Venom #164 cover by Ryan Stegman and Morry Hollowell

Venom #164 Review: What's Eating Eddie Brock?

Eddie Brock is waking up nauseas from intense nightmares that seem connected to the Venom symbiote. Things complicate when the symbiote gets flighty and abandons Eddie during a fight with the Shocker. Finally, Claire Dixon pops up alive and well, and she and her men try to capture Venom. Venom #164 plays off like something […]

Venom #163 cover by Will Robson and Morry Hollowell

Venom #163 Review: Enough Good Action to Make a Solid Issue

Jean Grey and Killer Thrill have been taken over by the Poisons. They are joined by a third Poison whom appears to be Kraven the Hunter. Cyclops hopes to save Jean, but Venom tells him that the Poisons kill the Klyntar hosts. Knowing that the symbiotes are now a liability, the X-Men, Venom, and the […]

X-Men: Blue #22 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Federico Blee

X-Men Blue #22 Review: An Improvement but Could Still be Better

The X-Men and Venom finally arrive on the ship of Killer thrill and her symbiote-enhanced mercenary crew. After taking out their non-powered grunts, the team splits up. Cyclops goes to save the Starjammers, and the rest go after Killer Thrill's crew. Unfortunately, there may be another unexpected visitor to further complicate things. X-Men: Blue #22 […]

Venom #162 cover by Will Robson and Edgar Salazar

Venom #162 Review: Another Issue of X-Men Blue

With the X-Men now armed with their own Klyntar symbiotes, the team plus Venom fight Haze Mancer and his symbiote-wrangling robots. After this confrontation, the team is ready to pursuit the symbiote-enhanced mercenaries that took Corsair and the Starjammers. While writing that summary, I had to stop and look back to see if anything happened […]