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Dark Nights: Metal #6

Did Dark Nights: Metal #6 Include a Gibe Against Eddie Berganza?

The big event series from DC Comics that has just concluded, Dark Nights: Metal, was initially edited by Eddie Berganza and assistant edited by Rebecca Taylor. Then, spurred on by the news of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, #MeToo, and more, Buzzfeed revived and delved deeper into allegations against Berganza. Revealing information previously not widely known, even […]

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DC Comics Suspends Eddie Berganza

UPDATE: DC Comics has sent a new update: Statement from DC Entertainment regarding Eddie Berganza – UPDATED 11/13/17 Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have terminated the employment of DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza.  We are committed to eradicating harassment and ensuring that all employees, as well as our freelance community, are aware of our policies, […]

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Shea Fontana, Gail Simone, Matthew Rosenberg, And More React To Eddie Berganza Report

In the wake of Buzzfeed’s report on the sexual harassment allegations against longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza on Friday, some high-profile comic book creators have taken to social media to address the allegations. DC Comics artist Rafael Albuquerque called on his employer to “make the right call” despite spending “the whole day afraid to speak out.” […]

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Former Warner Bros. Screenwriter Recalls Company Sexual Harassment Presentation

On Friday, website Buzzfeed published a report detailing sexual harassment allegations against longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza. Though allegations against Berganza have been reported before by Bleeding Cool and others, the Buzzfeed report comes amidst a sweeping tidal wave of sexual harassment and assault allegations against powerful men across the entertainment industry and politics — one […]

Rafael Albuquerque talks Eddie Berganza

High-Profile DC Artist Rafael Albuquerque Issues Statement On Eddie Berganza

High-profile DC Comics creator Rafael Albuquerque has issued a heartfelt statement on Twitter in the wake of Buzzfeed’s report on the sexual harassment allegations against longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza. Albuquerque wrote: I love DC Comics characters since I can remember. First watching them on TV then with Batman movies and those definitely brought […]

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DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza Makes The Front Page Of The NY Daily News

Following Friday’s report by Buzzfeed on the sexual harassment allegations against longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza, Berganza’s photo made the front page of Saturday’s New York Daily News. The Daily News posted a photo of the cover, headlined “Perv Nation: Wave of charges against powerful sickos floods U.S.,” to Twitter. Hide your kids, hide […]

Mayor Robert Garcia calls for firing of Eddie Berganza

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia Calls For Firing Of Eddie Berganza

The DC Comics-loving mayor of Long Beach, California, Robert Garcia, has called on his favorite comic book publisher to fire longtime editor Eddie Berganza in response to an expose on sexual harassment, forced kissing, and attempting groping allegations reported by major news outlet Buzzfeed Friday. “I love DC Comics, always have,” Garcia tweeted Friday night. “But as […]

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Smallville Actors Get To Grips With DC Comics’ Superman Offices…

This amiable photo was sent to the Bleeding Cool dungeons, taken in the DC Comics Superman offices, hosting a visit from Sharon Taylor (middle) who played Faora in the TV show Smallville, and Simone Bailly who played Star. That’s DC editor Mike Cotton on the far right, ex-Wizard Magazine writer/editor who joined DC in 2013, and who I don’t think […]

Unfollow May End In April – What Does That Mean For Vertigo? #AskBC

Bleeding Cool reader Thomas Holmes writes to ask us: It looks as if UNFOLLOW will end at 18. That leaves less than a handful of regular Vertigo continuing titles. Is this imprint on the chopping block? When DC announced that they’d be starting up what basically amounts to a second Vertigo, closer to Vertigo’s original […]

DC Comics Reviews Policies And Training Procedures Over Sexual Harassment, And More

This afternoon, in their Burbank headquarters, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson addressed the workers in a special meeting. Recently, allegations regarding examples of sexual harassment within the publisher had both been revived and made anew, causing considerable commentary both in and around the industry and within DC Comics itself. DC has now issued the following statement, summarising Nelson’s address […]

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Superman Editor Eddie Berganza, Revived

In 2012, Bleeding Cool reported the story that a sexual assault had taken place in a hotel lobby at WonderCon. It was so public that, by the time I woke up in the UK, I had received multiple reports. The assailant was named as DC Comics then-Executive Editor Eddie Berganza and the person assaulted was a comic book […]

Tom Brevoort Questions Dan DiDio Over Wonder Woman Earth One Credits

Darren Shan used to be an editor at DC Comics. Then DC Comics moved to Burbank, but Darren Shan stayed in New York. Where he became an editor for Marvel Comics. One of his DC Comics projects only came out last week though. Wonder Woman: Earth One, which had to be taken on by other editorial […]

The New Power Girl Is… Aging Backwards?

Tanya Spears’ first appearance in Worlds Finest #23 and her first acknowledgment of the Power Girl identity in #26. She is described as one of the “most intelligent 17-year-olds on the planet” by co-creator Paul Levitz. But in a big splash appearing in today’s DC Comics, to announce her joining the Teen Titans in issue 5, she’s been […]

Tough Enough?: DC Comics’ Trivia Panel

Nikolai Fomich writes for Bleeding Cool: At Comic-Con this year DC held the DC Comics Too Tough Trivia Panel, featuring editors Eddie Berganza, Brian Cunningham, Mike Marts, as well as Mr. Dan DiDio himself. VP Marketing John Cunningham did a hilarious job moderating the panel, and if he ever makes a career shift, I think […]

So… Who To Write Superboy? The Speculation Starts Here.

A reader writes; “I saw DC Comics editorial execs Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase and Eddie Berganza at the Hyatt hotel yesterday eating/drinking with Tony Lee. I know Tony scripted that issue of Superboy #19 a few months ago, but then nothing. “Then I read your story about Justin Jordan leaving Superboy. Would it be putting […]

Eddie Berganza Takes The Superman Books Back

Earlier this year, Eddie Berganza was demoted from Executive Editor at DC Comics to Group Editor after a public display of sexual harassment at WonderCon. A number of people believed his days were numbered at the publisher, but more reliable sources noted that Berganza and Editor-In Chief Bob Harras had formed quite a bond. One […]

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Eddie Berganza Now Group Editor At DC Comics

Last night I ran a story about Bobbie Chase being promoted to Editorial Director at DC Comics. But details about what was happening to Executive Editor Eddie Berganza were scattered. DC Comics have now officially told me that Eddie now has the position of Group Editor, and I quote “responsible for continuing his work on […]