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Minute Man, Captain Triumph, And Other Forgotten Heroes- AC Comics February 2018 Solicits

In February of 2018, AC Comics is bringing back a number of forgotten Golden Age heroes in their Men of Mystery #107. Such heroes include, Starr Flagg, Minute Man, Captain Triumph, the Ghost, and others. They will be reprints of original 1940’s stories by their creators such as Phil Bard, Reed Crandall, Augie Froehlich, and Elmer Wexler. MEN OF MYSTERY […]


Manhunter #1 Review: Manhunter Likes Hunting Man

DC continues with their dive into Jack Kirby with a return of Manhunter. Though he is oddly dressed like one of the Manhunters that preceded the Green Lantern Corps of Oa, this is actually the Manhunter known as Paul Kirk, another of Kirby’s creations. This Manhunter is most known for the actions of his clone, […]