Here Is What Is New In FIFA 16’s Career Mode

I have this genuine belief that sports games have incredible potential as storytelling platforms. Their career modes can be great little incubators of emergent narratives. In fact when I play Madden and FIFA each year, I almost always end up skipping past a ton of games to get the story of my team going quicker. That […]

Tintin: The Black Island Cover Art To Hit A Million Dollars

Another Tintin cover will be auctioned May 24th  by Parisiene auction house, Arcturial. Previously, one cover had sold for $1.6 million. The new auction is for the famous Black Island cover. It’s possible the estimates below may be a little on the low side. The inked line art and color guide (created by Hergé himself) will be […]

A Guinness World Record For Deadpool? Not So Fast…

We ran this a couple of days ago, but yesterday Marvel Comics sent out a press release about Deadpool #27 getting the Guinness World Record for the most number of characters in a comic book cover. And at first glance that’s exactly what they’d got. 236 characters… But there’s another comic that also had 236 […]