The New World #2 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore

The New World #2 Review: Dystopian Romeo and Juliet

The New California government and the Guardians have tracked down Kirby’s residence. Logan Maximus and the police are using Kirby’s friends to get an in to Kirby’s house. President Herod tells Stella that this is her kill, and he is planning on retiring soon and appointing Stella Maris as his replacement. All she needs to […]

Scarlet #1 cover by Alex Maleev

Scarlet #1 Review: The Revolution Begins Anew

Ice and a pair of men experience trouble while retrieving a supply drop. Later, we see Scarlet giving a speech to her people. Many of them want to take the rest of Portland, but Scarlet is reticent to start going for the whole city yet. They are suddenly attacked by a drone, and their fearless […]

The New World #1 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore

The New World #1 Review: Running Man, Judge Dredd, and Robocop Mixed Into One

It is the future. America was hit by five atomic bombs spread across five major cities. The resulting death and destruction left the nation split into a handful of smaller countries. Among them is the New California. It is the strongest and most well-guarded of the new nations carved out of the United States. One […]

Stellar #1 cover by Bret Blevins

Stellar #1 Advance Review: An Apocalypse in Motion

Stellar is a bounty hunter in the bombed-out remains of a civilization that barely exists now. She now hauls an insectoid alien to retrieve the bounty on his head. When that fails, she takes him to her sanctuary. She recounts what led her to this point along the way. Stellar #1 is a first issue […]

Animosity #14 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #14 Review: The Tragedy of Watching a Dog Ponder Mortality

Kyle has taken Jesse, and Sandor will do anything necessary to get his child back. Kyle is afraid of Sandor and believes that Jesse is not safe living with the animals in their herd. Kyle gets a significant lead on Sandor though, as the fight at the Old Gold Dam has left a great many […]

Cold War #4 cover by Hayden Sherman

Cold War #4 Advanced Review: Far Less than the Sum of Its Parts

Sath and Tikk are in charge now. They seem to know what’s going on, and they have effectively supplanted Vinh. We learn of Sath and Tikk’s past, their relationship, and the organization they were associated with in their original lifetime. Meanwhile, LQ continues to investigate what is going on behind the war, suits, weapons, and […]

Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #2 cover by Nimit Malavia

Robocop: Citizen’s Arrest #2 Review – Bloated but Sharp Satire

OCP continue their plan to take the ruins of Old Detroit and replace it with high-income housing. They use their mechanical police force in service of doing so, but Leo is helping Alex Murphy, aka the Robocop, to get back in action and fight back at OCP. Robocop: Citizen’s Arrest #2 maintains the same sharp […]

Cyber Spectre #1 cover by Ale Graza

The Cyber Spectre #1 Review: Unrealized Sci-Fi Potential

Kiri is an agent for a large corporation, and she oversaw meting out justice on behalf of a supercomputer which discerned guilt. However, she was framed with the murder of another agent, and her former employers want her dead. She is trying to keep a low profile, but a man called Zero-One claims that he […]

Brooklyn Gladiator #1 cover by Glen Farby

Brooklyn Gladiator Vol. 0 Review: Unique Twists Weighed Down by Myriad Problems

John Miller lives in the year 2033. America is secluded behind a wall. The cities are claustrophobic cesspits. John himself tough-as-nails boxer who does substance running on the side. He wants something more than this cruel world has to offer anymore, but he’s not sure how to access it. As you may know, I interviewed […]

Animosity: Evolution #5 cover by Eric Gapstur Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #5 Review: Cyber-Animals Unleashed

Augusta of the Grassland Sisters takes to interrogating Mya herself while Dr. North begins looking into Octavia’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Octavia and Penelope are brought to the crime lord behind both Mya and Fuzu Kazi. It never ceases to amaze me how much political and philosophical theory can be conveyed through a dystopian comic series about […]

Captain America #700 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #700 Review: The Landmark Issue Captain America Deserves

Captain America was made the leader of New America, and the role of leadership over a nation has proven among the most challenging for Steve Rogers. Other countries try to take advantage of the turmoil, and there are remnants of Rampart still fighting in pockets. Bruce Banner and Liang have a potential solution for the […]

Brilliant Trash #5 cover by Mike Norton and Addison Duke

Brilliant Trash #5 Review: Visceral Action Abruptly Turns into Waxing Philosophy

Jim and Kennedy are pinned down in Lifespan’s headquarters, and Cromwell is somewhere inside plotting his next move to capture Kennedy. Outside, the FDA has arrived with an army of their own. Jim and Kennedy need to escape and keep Zhen’s secrets away from both Cromwell and the FDA. The beginning of Brilliant Trash #5 […]

Animosity #13 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #13 Review: The War of Farmers and Bees

Willem and his farmers have killed the bee colony’s queen. Jesse is still trying to keep the piece, but it may be too late for that. The colony is ready to go to war, and Willem is all too happy to provide it. In the chaos of the ensuing battle, Jesse is separated from Sandor, […]

Captain America #699 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #699 Review: Swift Pacing and Classic Cap Feels

Captain America, Liang, and their soldiers have challenged the rule of King Baby’s America, and Cap quickly encounters and old friend and ally: The Incredible Hulk. He has been taken over by King Babbington. Elsewhere, the Things slaves away to keep power on in Babbington’s tower. No, the Hulk and the Thing don’t get to […]

Animosity: Evolution #4 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #4 Review: Orwellian Nightmares with Talking Animals Once More

Wintermute’s raiders invade and seize the farmland of a neighboring settlement. Back in the city, Penelope and Octavia are at the mercy of the tortoise known as Mr. Kazi. Meanwhile, Dr. Adam North meets with the leader in the flesh and metal, Wintermute. Animosity: Evolution’s depiction of a wider-scale interpretation of Animal Farm begins to […]